Prudential Launch Inaugural Best HR Report
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Prudential Launch Inaugural Best HR Report

 Kampala, 18th February 2022: Prudential Uganda today held the inaugural Prudential Best HR Practices Awards 2021 which recognises organisations that have showcased outstanding HR practices.

These organisations were identified from a three-month survey commissioned by Prudential Uganda and conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), from October to December 2021.

  • More than 1,500 employees across 500 organisations took part in a survey commissioned by Prudential Uganda
  • Insights to shape and improve employment practices in the country
  • Organisations with outstanding HR practices and policies recognized

1,526 employees across 534 organisations in Uganda participated in the survey where they were asked to comment, rate, and assess their employer’s HR practices and policies by responding to questions under 12 thematic areas:

The survey was designed to record the viewpoint of employees regarding their organisation’s HR practices. Employees were invited to comment, rate, and assess their employers’ HR practices and policies by responding to questions under 12 thematic areas.

While making his remarks at the Awards Gala held at Kampala Serena Hotel, Mr. Arjun Mallik, Regional CEO, Prudential Eastern & Central Africa noted that, “Seeking feedback from our teams is among the most high-impact actions that any organisation can take.

It creates a sense of respect, transparency, safety, and empowerment. It requires humility in admitting that no organisation or leader is perfect and demonstrates an intent to improve the environment and ways in which we work”.

Arjun added, “Prudential believes the way for economies to prosper and communities to thrive is by putting people first and it chose to lead on this conversation by commissioning this survey which was done in consultation of diverse stakeholders like Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU), the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE), Human Capital International (HCI), and the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).”

Prudential HR Best Practices 2021 survey seeks to recognize organizations that have implemented people policies, systems, and processes that create and sustain productivity along with industrial peace and harmony with the objective of;

  • Recognizing and publicly awarding Ugandan Employers who have exhibited excellence in the various human resources thematic areas over the year in review.
  • Providing an additional forum for discussion and agenda setting on the need to embrace best practices in Human Resource Management through a well branded, presented, and organized event.
  • To compile and disseminate information on the status of Human Resource Management in Uganda and identify areas for improvement and emerging trends, as well as providing feedback to participating employers on their status regarding the attainment of best practices in Human Resource Management.

The thematic areas included; 1.   Organization performance and confidence 2. Leadership Alignment, and involvement, 3. Collaboration and Communication, 4. Reward and Recognition, 5. Quality and Innovation, 6. Diversity and Inclusion, 7. Learning and Development, 8. Risk and Compliance, 9. Workplace Culture and Environment, 10. Environmental, social and Governance (ESG) Compliance, 11. Covid-19 Response and support and 12. Well-being Programmes.

The Overall winner of the Prudential Best HR Practices 2021 Survey was Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL)

Others winners per category or thematic area;

  1. Organization Performance and Confidence - Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL)
  2. Leadership Alignment and Involvement - Uganda Retirement Benefits Regulatory Authority (URBRA)
  3. Collaboration and Communication - Pride Microfinance Limited
  4. Reward and Recognition - Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited
  5. Quality and Innovation - Graphic Systems Uganda Limited
  6. Diversity and Inclusion - Agricultural Business Initiative Development
  7. Learning and Development - Absa Bank Uganda Limited
  8. Risk and Compliance - TotalEnergies E&P Uganda
  9. Workplace, Culture and Environment - Save the Children International Uganda
  10. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Compliance - Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL)
  11. Covid-19 Response and Support - Minet Limited
  12. Employee wellbeing and wellness - dfcu Bank Limited

Mr. Uthman Mayanja, the Country Senior Partner, PwC, explained that the data that was collected from the different organisations was subject to a rigorous review process to come up with useful data that will shape and inform improved employment practices in the country, especially in the current environment of remote working and digital connectivity.

“The survey also included open-ended questions from which PwC got insights to further identify what stood out in each of the thematic areas from the employee’s perspective.,” Mayanja said.

Speaking on behalf of the Vice President of Uganda, Her Excellence, Jessica Alupo, Hon. Diana Mutasingwa, Minister of State of the Vice President observed that, “The National Planning Authority in consultation with other government institutions and stakeholders developed the Uganda Vision 2040 to operationalize the National Vision Statement, A Transformed Ugandan Society from a Peasant to a Modern and Prosperous Country within 30 years.

“This vision builds on the progress that has been made in addressing the strategic bottlenecks affecting Uganda’s socio-economic development since independence.

Some of which include underdeveloped human resources, inadequate infrastructure, small market, lack of industrialization and underdeveloped services sector.”

Hon. Mutasingwa added, “To attain this goal, it will require us to work collectively both as government and private sector.

Thus, an initiative such as the Prudential Best HR Practices survey shows the commitment and dedication of the private sector which is of paramount importance towards achieving this vision.”

Some of the organisations that participated in the survey include; Umeme Uganda Limited, Bidco Uganda Limited, Graphic Systems Uganda Limited, ICEA Lion Life Assurance Company Limited, MTN, Watoto Child Care Ministries, Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Limited, Strong Minds Mental Health Africa-Uganda, among others.