Supa Sigiri Sales Representatives showcase the different types of Supa Sigiris to revelers during the Supa Sigiri Cook Off held at Capital FM grounds on 23rd August 2019. Supa Sigiris come in 7 brands that are designed to use less charcoal, emit less charcoal and cook faster than ordinary sigiris.
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Newly invented ‘Supa Sigiri’ bails out thousands of Ugandan homesteads

The Uganda Clean Cooking Supply Chain Expansion Project, a Government of Uganda project, implemented by Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) has encouraged Ugandans to use the improved cookstoves referred to as  ‘Supa Sigiris.’

These Sigiris are designed to use less charcoal, emit less smoke and cook faster than the ordinary cooking stoves found in most homes. Currently, Supa Sigiri’s can relieve their users of at least 360,000Ushs worth of annual charcoal expenses.

According to the 2016/2017 Uganda National Household Survey, almost every household either uses charcoal or firewood for cooking, revealing that the dependency on firewood as a source of energy is straining the environment locally, regionally and globally.

Ordinary Sigiri’s emit large amounts of black carbon which in the long run contribute to global warming.

Research has shown that by using any of the seven types of Supa Sigiris, less charcoal is used and the cooking time is greatly reduced thus making them a faster means of meal preparation.

“Supa Sigiris emit less smoke, and therefore reduce the risk of health issues household members may face in association with smoke fumes released within the home.  They also ensure a cleaner and safer environment generally in the home because of their unique design,” said Micheal Oboth the Sales Personnel for Envirofit and Ecozoom cookstoves.

He said that the Envirofit and Ecozoom are a product of a World Bank research to combat climatic change which has become a global concern.

“Both Envirofit and Ecozoom cookstoves save consumption rate of fuel by 58%, have a 78% faster cooking rate and 82% smoke reduction,” said Oboth.

Oboth said one can cook with the Envirofit cookstove in the comfort of their choice:  on top of plastic tables, woollen carpets or tiles and they will not cause a fire outbreak.’

Biolite Cook Stove Representative for Uganda Andrew Abacha said, “Biolite improved cookstoves can uniquely charge your phone or light up as you cook.

“It uses minimal amounts of firewood which in the long run addresses environmental, health and financial challenges. It also saves its users money as they need firewood worth only 500 Ushs to cook with every day.”

Charles Akamanya, Sales Representative and Project Development Officer for the Potential Energy cookstove noted that their cookstove is versatile, uses both charcoal and firewood, cooks at double the speed and comes with two provisions for cooking both at the top and bottom.

Debbi Nansumba, Project Officer for the Smart Home Supa Sigiri Cookstove said that being part of the Uganda Clean Cooking Supply Chain Expansion Project has generally created awareness for the cookstoves and widened the market.

She called upon the public to use Supa Sigiris cookstoves because of their benefits that make them unique from ordinary sigiris.

Ahmed Mugwanya the Sales Representative for Ugastove cookstoves said, ‘Ugastoves are durable, can work for 4 years, have less carbon emission, save energy and use less charcoal than ordinary sigiris.’