Netflix to streaming Free on Roke Telkom
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Netflix to streaming Free on Roke Telkom

1st July 2022, KampalaROKE Telkom, a Ugandan home-grown public service provider for voice and data communications services in a bid to reduce the cost burden on streaming Netflix has introduced free streaming for the app on its Roke plus product “Chill on Chill.”

Roke Plus is one of the Roke Telkom products that offers those with businesses, homes, schools and individuals with monthly internet bundles that facilitate their day-to-day surfing.

While making the announcement, Micheal Ssonko Roke Plus manager revealed that the offer “Chill on Chill” which will be available for all Roke plus customers countrywide.

“Chill on Chill with Roke plus is an offer to our customers that will enable each of you access to Netflix app at no data cost 24/7.

We have sought to make entertainment for our customers and Ugandans at large affordable with our all-new free streaming service.” Sonko mentioned.

He added that all a customer needs to do is subscribe for the Roke Plus package and they will automatically have access to the zero rating on Netflix.

“At a time where entertainment off Netflix has become a must have, all a customer is required to do is subscribe to Roke Plus and they will automatically get access to the zero rating on their Netflix.”

Films have not only provided entertainment which ultimately enable those consuming it to unwind while relieving them of stress, it has also been an avenue that increases and inspires change, which is vital for society.

The service will be available to all Roke Plus customers effective 1st July 2022.