Museveni and money magnets celebrates Mwenda’s coming of age

Fort Portal, Uganda-The big day was in Fort Portal where Andrew Mwenda’s mother's birthday was attended by none other than President Yoweri Museveni, Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, Anil Popat besides other relatives and lots of in-laws.

It was a Who is Who of sorts as selfies were taken by this states man shaking hands with the other money magnet in the economy.  Talk has it that in 2012 Mwenda himself clocked his 40 the year in life.

“Yes that is when Jesus Christ, Che Guevara died,” observed a guest John Serugo. “I do not know what he is marking this time round.”

By coincidence President Museveni, the victor in the stiffly contested Presidential Age Limit bill, wore a white shirt. So was the same color with Sudhir’s casual suit.

“You guessed right,” chipped in Serugo. “After the count down, the blade of the knife slid through the cake, in the shape of an Ankole cow, like a hot knife in a brick of butter. The president held the knife!”   

The whole episode was overshadowed by the burial of local celebrity Mowze whose tragic demise graced acres of media space.

Looking back, talk doing the rounds has it that during the rebellion days some meetings were held in Mwenda's fathers home. The closeness of the two families has continued with Mwenda being a call away from Muhozi Kainerugaba.