Africa’s most loved storyteller Multichoice is committed to continuing the journey of storytelling for years to come.
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MultiChoice Celebrates African stories told by Africans

Africa’s most loved storyteller Multichoice is committed to continuing the journey of storytelling for years to come.

At the heart of this commitment is the desire to tell stories that resonate with Africans throughout the continent, stories that echo shared sentiments of triumph, success and growth, stories that share ideas, beliefs, embrace change and encourage diversity. It is through these stories that we can come together as one.

This promise to showcase the best of African storytelling is perfectly captured in the “10 000 Stories” promo which was launched as part of the recent Multichoice Media Showcase.

This creative masterpiece was the brainchild of poet and writer Lebohang Mashango. It explores themes around diversity, innovation, local content, international content, sports and general love for stories.

Brought to life by Mashango and other talented African poets, it is an ode to all who have been part of the journey, celebrating the legacy of the MultiChoice and the more than 10 000 stories which have been told over the years.

“I drew inspiration from Maya Angelo and the grand idea explored in most African philosophy. The idea that one individual is amplified when standing as a collective ‘I come as one but, I stand as 10 000’, the core of the poem is around collectivism and collaboration, something storytelling does so well.

“Stories are a way of preserving memories and making history and Multichoice through its existence has made history, changing the ritual around coming together.

“The modes of viewing content may change with technological advancement, however, the essence of storytelling as preserving history does not change”, Lebohang Mashango.

Multichoice has been telling African stories for over 20 years, reaching far and wide across the continent. Its DStv and GOtv platforms have continued to grow over the years, launching numerous local channels with more planned as the group increases its local content investment.

“MultiChoice Uganda has taken significant strides in providing phenomenal content to our customers over the years.

“First with the launch of DStv as our flagship brand right to the introduction of GOtv to provide a more affordable family entertainment offering for the mass market, and delivering a variety of content at the right pricing point, revolutionizing terrestrial viewing in Africa and an indication of our continued investment in innovation for better customer experience,” says Vincent Erone, Ag. MD, MultiChoice Uganda.

MultiChoice is determined to continue showcasing unforgettable stories that cater to a diverse audience. At the heart of MultiChoice’s reason for existence is to provide customers with variety and choice, it is with this in mind that the company is focused on enhancing its innovation, value and local entertainment offering.

“Over the past few years, MultiChoice has become the country’s most-loved storyteller by making extensive investments in the development of original programming.

“In October 2018, in a move to provide Ugandans with locally-developed content, we launched Pearl Magic, a purely Ugandan channel that features dramas, soap operas, movies, series and music in a language, setting and storyline that our countrymen best understand and are familiar with,” said Erone.