After completing his Senior Secondary School at St Benedict in Kalungu, Central Uganda,  Jose Maria Kasekende, migrated to Kampala City to look for what to do.

Meet a Dial Jack rider who started his business from the mercy of a Friend

After completing his Senior Secondary School at St Benedict in Kalungu, Central Uganda,  Jose Maria Kasekende, migrated to Kampala City to look for what to do. With the help of his sister Teddy Namayanja, he started out as a call box attendant before eventually plying his trade with Dial Jack as a Senior Rider.

East African Business Week talked to Jose Maria Kasekende about his Boda Boda riding business, his progress at Dial Jack and generally how he has found Dial Jack as a Transport Company. Below are the EXCERPTS

When did you join the Boda Boda business?

I  joined this business in 2015 after I had acquired a Boda Boda from my friends boss. I started by plying routes around Bwaise and Wandegeya. My boss used to pay me a small amount of money from which I earned a living.

How did you get to know about Dial Jack?

It was through a good friend of mine, who was already a rider with Dial Jack who encouraged me to join in July 2018. At the time, Dial Jack was a new company and registering new riders.

It actually took me two weeks to decide whether to join Dial jack, the reason being that I was financially unstable. I, in fact, borrowed some money from this friend, to register with Dial Jack.

What have you gained from Dial Jack so far?

From Dial Jack, I get weekly savings which have enabled me to purchase a piece of land in my home village, measuring about 2 acres, for which I’m very grateful.

I also attained the financial capacity to help other people who had issues with the police. I have also grown to be promoted to an ambassador of Dial Jack.

What are your plans for the next years to come?

My target is to see that I work and support many people and influence others to be part of Dial Jack. I see Dial Jack growing in terms of numbers and capacity.

And I would want to leave this Boda Boda business and begin a small business in order to sustain my family. When the time comes and I see many boda-boda riders under Dial jack, I would like the possibility to take a temporary rest to return to my home village to work on my land.

What makes Dial Jack different from other Boda Boda companies?

Dial Jack is one company that has been able to identify our needs as boda-boda people. It has created a platform where everyone has the chance to work.

Dial jack pays on time and motivates every Boda Boda person to work harder to help them earn more. In terms of customer motivation, Dial jack gives out discounts to every Dial Jack user.

I, therefore, appreciate Dial Jack for the good spirit, of understanding their boda-boda partners in terms of recognizing their capacity and paying them on time.

Where do you see Dial Jack as a company in the future?

I see Dial jack growing big and paying its members well. I also see Dial jack growing bigger than any other Boda Boda company in Uganda.

What advice do you give to other riders out there?

My message to other riders is to learn customer care in order to be on top of the business competition. If they join Dial Jack, they will never see any financial difficulties in their lives again. Therefore, I highly encourage them to be part of Dial Jack.