Malaysian oil firm enters Uganda

KAMPALA, Uganda – Hyrax Oil, a Malaysian based oil lubricant manufacturer last week appointed Uganda’s Habib Oil, the sole distributor of Hyrax oil in East Africa.

 Habib Oil said this will ensure the supply of quality lubricants in the region.

Habib Oil Chairman Hajji Habib Kagimu said their partnership with Hyrax Oil is not only bringing their products into the market but improving the livelihood of the people of Uganda.

Kagimu said on average, a commuter taxi operator changes engine oils every seven days. He said this can be avoided if one used the Hyrax  products where one can change oil after 20 days.

“This new product is an eye-opener to all Ugandans who ignore quality and go for cheap things. This means that our local market will now enjoy top quality performances,” he said/

“Cheap things are expensive in the long run. One will require changing other oils three times before changing the Hyrax oil,” Kagimu said during the partnership announcement last week.

Kagimu said the Hyrax oil product is guaranteed to reduce drain interval (oil changes), save fuel consumption, and in due course increase productivity.

Hyrax Oil Group Managing Director Datuk Hazimah Zainuddin said East Africa is still a virgin territory as far as quality oil supply is concerned. “Habib Oil is already an established player on the Ugandan market and their standards met our specifications as per our due diligence process.

“It is also with this particular partnership that we intend to expand our foot print in East Africa to Rwanda and Burundi,” Zainuddin said.