LG Introduces Smart Features for Refrigerators and Washing Machines

LG Introduces Stabilizer Free, Auto Restart Feature & Non Plumbing on Refrigerator and Washing Machine 

LG pushes smart home appliances to another dimension with stabilizer free , auto restart & non plumbing 

YAOUNDE, Cameroon, 30 June 2021 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- To advance the functionality of today’s home appliances to a whole new level, LG Electronics is set to deliver an unparalleled level of performance and convenience into the home with enhanced features to present consumers with a more enriching smart home experience. Adding to an already comprehensive list of features, these home appliance models demonstrate LG’s commitment to giving consumers more choice and helping them to save cost and spend less on its Refrigerators and Washing Machines.

Appliances are evolving to suit consumer needs as they appear, and the most innovative manufacturers are the ones that are able to predict user trends and meet their demands before they arise. Time and time again, LG Electronics has established a reputation as a company that is unafraid to push the boundaries of innovation and challenge convention.

With the technological advancements in today’s refrigerators, consumers have come to hold these products to a higher standard. And to meet the expectations of today’s demanding consumers, appliance makers are focusing more than ever on enhancing convenience by improving usability and accessibility.

One unique feature is the Stabilizer Free Operation on LG Refrigerators and as the name suggests, refrigerators with stabilizer-free operation features save you from spending extra money in buying a separate stabilizer for your refrigerator. This is made possible by the special type of compressors. Refrigerators with this feature will protect your appliance from fluctuation. The Compressor in LG Refrigerator has: Better Energy Efficiency Ratio, Consumes less power and Can operate at voltages as low as 135V and as high as 290V and eliminates the need of a Stabilizer. Having a reliable stabilizer free operation can substantially reduce the chances of damage due to voltage fluctuation.

Addressing power issue in the continent of Africa, more than 1 billion tons of food, according to study is wasted annually in the continent, due to poor storage facilities and limited cold storage. Refrigerator is one of the most needed appliances in every home because of its function in preserving, storing and keeping food items cool and fresh, consumers now look for refrigerators that are durable, spacious, fast cooling and most importantly backed with warranty.

The General Manager, Home Appliances Division, LG Electronics West African Operations, Mr. Brian Kang said “At LG, we understand that durability is just as important as strong performance. A large range of our products are backed by 10-year warranty on the Compressor, ensuring worry-free operation year after year.

“A close monitoring of day to day market activities on why consumers buy a particular Refrigerator has shown that warranty period is a strong factor. Backed with 10-year warranty in linear compressor in its Refrigerator segment, LG Electronics appears to have become the consumers delight in African market as a result of the durability of most of its products particularly the refrigerator that comes in various forms like; Side by Side, Door-in-Door, Top Freezer refrigerator just to mention a few”, he said.

Superb Energy Savings with LG’s Revolutionary Inverter Linear Compressor with an incredible Total No Frost energy grade rating of A+++ -20%, LG’s bottom-freezer refrigerators are industry leaders in efficiency. This can be attributed to its advanced Inverter Linear Compressor, which employs a straight piston drive instead of a conventional reciprocating drive, resulting in less internal friction, higher reliability, greater durability with less noise. In tests conducted by VDE,

LG refrigerators featuring Inverter Linear Compressor technology proved to be approximately 32 percent more energy efficient than those equipped with conventional reciprocating compressors, contributing significantly to lower electricity bills. VDE also noted that LG’s refrigerator was up to 25 percent quieter compared to another refrigerator powered by a reciprocating compressor.

The LG Chest Freezer comes with 10 year warranty on its compressor as well; one of its unique feature is the blast freezing; this feature makes “30% faster freezing speed” enables even and fast circulation of cool air inside the freezer due to the in-built fan.

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