Kenya’s SGR gaining trust from business community

MOMBASA, Kenya–The Standard Gauge Rail (SGR) mode of transport continued to gain popularity at the Port of Mombasa in the week ending April 18, 2018 after a total 2,917 TEUs were ferried via rail from the Port.

During the week a total 7,984 TEUs were delivered by road.  Imports population breakdown at the port; 4,679 TEUs were for the local market (Kenya) while 4,551 TEUs were for the transit countries.

Uganda had the prime share of the transit throughput with 3,565 TEUs followed at a distance by Tanzania 400 TEUs, South Sudan and Rwanda with 217 TEUs and 188 TEUs respectively. Other countries were Democratic Republic of Congo with 135 TEUs, Somalia 25 TEUs, Burundi 11 TEUs and Ethiopia 10 TEUs. 

A total of 232,188 metric tons of cargo was handled at the conventional cargo terminal during the week under review after working on 21 vessels compared to 204,748 metric tons in the previous week. Out of the total tonnage handled at the terminal 231,105 metric tons were imports and only 1,013 metric tons were exports.

During the period, Bulk clinker dominated imports for the second week at the terminal after 92,575 metric tons were offloaded while bulk wheat was second weighing 55,184metric tons. Bulk steel came third with 40,046 metric tons. 

Other commodities handled at the terminal included 24,999 metric tons of fertiliser, 3,213 units of Motor Vehicles (3,111 motor cars and 102 trucks) weighing 7,254 metric tons, 5,465 metric tons of goods packed in containers, 3,943 metric tons of Sorghum and lastly General Cargo measuring 2,652 metric tons.

In the next two weeks the Port's conventional cargo terminal is forecasting to handle a total of 229,275 metric tons of cargo out of which 216,235 tons are expected to be imports and 13,037 metric tons exports. The port is also projecting to receive 15 vessels at the conventional cargo terminal in the next 14 days.

At the container terminal side, the Port worked on 12 vessels in the week under review similar to those handled the previous week.  At the terminal a total 26,269 TEUs were handled during the week under review compared with 22,606 TEUs handled last week. Out of those containers discharged were 15,038 TEUs while 11,231 TEUs were loaded into the vessels for exports. Operational Performance at the terminal registered an average ship working time from first sling to the last sling of 2.30 days while ship average waiting time was 1.30 days and dwell time was 3.65 days.   Average gross move per ship/hour was 27 and average gross move per crane per hour was 14.

As at 18th April 2018 the Yard container population stood at 20,015 TEUs. The breakdown was as follows: 4,929 TEUs were ready for collection, 6,012 TEUs were awaiting pick up order and 4,017 TEUs were empties. 1,307 TEUs were full exports (nominated and unnominated) while 2,772 TEUs were transhipment containers and 978 TEUs were at the G-Section.