Kenya and Eritrea Reach Visa-Free Travel Agreement
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Kenya and Eritrea Reach Visa-Free Travel Agreement

Authorities in Kenya and Eritrea have reached an agreement to facilitate the travel process by lifting the visa requirements for citizens of each other’s countries.

According to both countries’ authorities, the new decision would further tighten the bilateral relations, and also facilitate the travel process.

The decision was reached at a meeting held between the President of Kenya, William Ruto as well as his counterpart from Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki. The  leaders also agreed to tighten cooperation in the African Union, “in the spirit of Pan-Africanism”. 

“We will keep working together to promote regional trade and investment,” President Ruto said.

In addition, they also agreed to cooperate and consult on regional integration and also to safeguard regional peace, as well as the development and security in the Horn of Africa.

The presidents of both countries also discussed the importance of promoting regional trade as well as an investment through developing regional, sea, land and air transport.

At present, all Kenyan citizens are required to have a visa when planning to travel to Eritrea and vice versa, however, the recent changes will contribute to further easing the travel process.

Authorities in Kenya in November announced that they had reached a visa -free agreement with South Africa  whose decision will become effective starting from January next year.

Through an agreement reached between both countries’ presidents, it was emphasized that citizens of both countries would be eligible to enter each other’s countries.