African Union Members States have been urged to support African Women towards developing their leadership skills
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Kadaga asks AU to support women in skills development

African Union Members States have been urged to support African Women towards developing their leadership skills.

For the women to achieve that, Member States must consider appointing Women in top Managerial positions at both the private and public sectors.

Speaking during the of the African Women Leaders Network Uganda Chapter, the Parliament of Uganda Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said women play big roles towards supporting social and economic transformation but many have not managed to reach managerial positions like Chief Executive Officers, Company Managers etc.

“Although most African Countries have gender-based policies that aim at uplifting many women to effectively participate in decision making,  many African states have not given chance to Women to exploit such policies.

“This has negative impacts towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Develop Goals,” said Kadaga.

She applauded the Government of Uganda for coming up with Gender-based Action policies that are geared at empowering women to effectively participate in the gender settings of the country.

“Uganda as a country has strong Gender-based legal frameworks. If they are well implemented, they can support our women to become top managers,” said Kadaga.

Rosa Malango, the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Designated Official for Security in Uganda said Uganda should support Women to effectively participate in public administration since they play a big role in the social and economic transformation of the society.

“Women should be given a chance to be leaders. This will help them to effectively participate in the economic transformation of the Ugandan society,” she said.

Ritah Hope Achiro the Executive Director of Uganda Women’s Network said the leaders’ platform will play a big role in addressing the structural barriers that have continued to affect Women in Leadership.

“Women around the world, have been affected by leadership economically and Socially. This is the reason why we are calling for collective actions as opposed to Individualism. Together we look up to planet 50/50 as Women of Africa,” said Achiro.

The African Women Leaders Network is a groundbreaking movement of African Women Leaders. It serves as a continental platform to organize women leadership towards lasting peace and Sustainable Development in all sectors and at all levels.