The International Medical Centre has expanded its Mbale Clinic with the setting up of an In-Patient Department.
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International Medical Centre starts a new clinic in Soroti, expands Mbale Inpatients Dept

The International Medical Centre has expanded its Mbale Clinic with the setting up of an In-Patient Department.

According to Joel Oroni the General Manager of International Medical Centre the expansion drive is aimed at increasing the healthcare services being offered by the clinic and ensure that the people of Mbale and the surrounding area have access to advanced, quality and best healthcare.

“Through the IPD, we shall be able to admit patients with various medical conditions that require appropriate care and attention.

“Besides admission, the clinic will continue to offer other services like; - treatment of minor procedures, general medicine, pharmacology, check-ups, laboratory and specialized tests (including DNA testing, antenatal screenings and services),” said Oroni.

In an effort to ensure that every Ugandan has access to quality and advanced healthcare that meets international standard, International Medical Centre also opened a new branch in Soroti town.

This was aimed at improving the healthcare needs within Soroti and the surrounding areas to ensure that every individual has access to specialized medical services in most an advanced healthcare centre.

“We have equipped the clinic with beds, medical equipment, round the clock availability of tailor-made services that will address their healthcare needs. We have set-up an advanced and modern dental clinic as demanded by the local community,” added Oroni.

Since its inception, IMC has and continues to play a significant role in transforming Uganda’s primary healthcare through massive investment in the establishment of regionally state-of-the-art facilities that are well-equipped and offers wide scope services ranging from doctor consultations, dispensary, laboratory, advanced dental clinic,  ultrasound equipment and general treatment that include 24-hour service.

“Through our Soroti branch, we will be in a position to reach the local community and provide them with Doctor Consultation, Laboratory Service from Lancet Laboratories and specialized tests (including DNA testing, antenatal screenings and services), Pharmacy, check-ups and treatment of minor procedures provided by our dedicated team of professional and specialized medical doctors and nurse experts,” said Oroni.

Andre Ackerman, the CEO of International Medical Group congratulated the IMC team upon launching the Soroti Clinic while urging the staff to always have people at heart, be innovative and dedicated to ensuring that they deliver quality healthcare that meets international standard and continues to be leaders of Uganda’s private healthcare sector.

Growth and Expansion

Currently, International Medical Centre is establishing new clinics, expanding into inpatient in some locations and relocating old ones to better premises to consolidate its mission to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

Oroni said the expansion and growth strategies are aimed at ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare that meets international standards within the vicinity of their areas of residence.

“Our growth agenda is meant to bring better healthcare services to people living in communities outside Kampala so that they do not have to travel long distances to seek quality treatment.

“Our objective is to have modern facilities with good doctors and advanced equipment that can be accessed in their hometown, stressed Oroni.

“Despite the COVID-19 impact on economies, IMC will continue with the planned expansion, improving and upgrading our services in the existing clinics and increasing our scope to cover a wide range of healthcare services.

“We also intend to step into the telemedicine space and may be able to integrate clinics using technology to bridge the service provision gap and ensure easy customer reach and access to quality and improved primary healthcare service, an aspect that contributes to Universal  Health Coverage goal,” he said.