Inflation drops to 3.0% in Uganda

KAMPALA, Uganda-Uganda’s Annual Headline Inflation has dropped to 3.0% compared to 3.3% registered in December the new Inflation report from the Uganda Bureau of statistics has revealed.

The decline in the Inflation according to Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) is attributed to  the drop in Annual Core Inflation to 2.6% compared to 3.0% registered in December 2017 and also to the drop in the  Energy, Fuels and Utilities (EFU) Inflation which also went down  to 9.8% in January 2018 compared to 12.5% registered in December 2017.

Analysing Inflation on sector basis, the UBOS report indicates that inflation in the Transport sector increased to 3.8% in January compared to 2.6% recorded in December 217. Inflation in the Health sector also increased to 1.7% from the 1.3% recorded in December 2017.

For the food crops sector; inflation rose to 1.4% in January 2018 compared to 0.7% recorded in December 2017. This was driven by vegetables inflation that rose to 2.7% in January 2018 compared to -0.9% recorded in