How do you remember fallen music ace Mowzey Radio

KAMPALA, Uganda—Uganda is still in somber mood mourning the passing on of a multimillion talented Music ace Mowzey Radio (born Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo) as many of his countrymen and women continue to remember him not just as a singer but a man of different walks of life including a rising entrepreneur. 

Under their umbrella group, the Goodlyfe Crew, the lyrical duo, Radio and Weasel were not just trying to set foot as the top musical duo in Uganda but also as young entrepreneurs in the country. 

Aware that their soothing and ear catching voices had opened for them the doors into the land of Gold and silver, the enterprising duo did not hesitate to try the murky waters in business.  

Around Kampala, they owned several businesses and property in houses in and around the city. One such enterprise was the soldiers bar in Wandegeya a Kampala suburb. 

Radio’s bright burning candle as musician, song writer and an entrepreneur was put out in the morning of Thursday Feburary 1st, 2018  at Case Hospital in Kampala, 10 days after  he was reportedly attacked at a bar in Entebbe in a brawl that left him in serious injuries that claimed his life. 

Many people tried to save the life of the fallen song bird including the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni who contributed 30 million for his treatment and Brian White, a popular socialite in Kampala who contributed 25million. 

Upon learning of his demise, the president twitted ““Have been told about the untimely death of musician Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio. I had only recently made a financial contribution towards his treatment and hoped he would get better. He was a talented young person with a great future ahead of him. May he rest in peace,” 

He will be laid to rest at Kagga village Nakawuka in Wakiso district on Saturday February 3, 2018.