Nathan Charles Kyalisiima was voted employee of the year 2018 at Dial Jack
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Hard work made Kyalisiima Dial Jack’s Employee of the year

Nathan Charles Kyalisiima was voted employee of the year 2018 at Dial Jack, a motor cycle (boda boda) service company. Working as the operations manager, attributes the achievement to hard work.

“I am hard working, I keep time at my work and always fulfil all my duties as given to me by my superiors; I believe that motivated my bosses and all the staffs to select me as the employee of the year,” Kyalisiima says.

He says his role is working towards business prosperity by ensuring that the riders maintain discipline and that customers are satisfied with the services of Dial Jack.


I am honest to my work, when am sent by a customer, always make sure I deliver the message in time. “This takes me back in the days when I was a cyclist, one client gave me Shs800,000 to deliver to his customers which was a sign that he trusted me.”

Kyalisiima says being smart while at work was one thing that made him very appealing to clients.

“I am knowledgeable and a down to earth person to all my customers. This has made me learn that, for one to be successful in business he/she must have self-respect, must be knowledgeable, be smart, and must be friendly with the customers,” he says.

Uniqueness of Dial jack

Kyalisiima notes that Dial jack has one of the most extraordinary managers in a one Jacob “He is down to earth to his clients, he is a father to many and his got several management skills to lead his subordinates to greater heights.”

“When I was sick at the hospital one time, my entire medical bills where covered by the company and I also received my salary in full,” he adds another attribute.

On awarding best customers

Kyalisiima says he would award his customers with a word of appreciation and maybe buy prizes for them. He reveals that he bought a pair of shoes and Jeans to appreciate his best customer on 23rd December 2016.


I have benefited good payment, good leadership, and I own a piggery project from which I get more income to sustain my family.

The future

“I see myself being one of the biggest chief executive directors in my piggery project where I am looking forward to employing as many young people as I can to change their lives through entrepreneurship projects,” Kyalisiima predicts.

Advice to young people

“Young people need to be careful with the way they live their lives because life is too short and it has got a purpose ahead of every second,” said Kyalisiima

He adds, “To my boss, let him continue to being that good boss who has always motivated his clients and employees, let him continue being a father to all those at Dial Jack.”

By George piwang