Government told to prioritize teachers issues in the coming FY

KAMPALA, Uganda-Educationist have appealed to Government to ensure that the working environment for lower cadre teachers (Primary school) is improved in the coming financial year if Ugandan children are to get quality Education which the experts say it’s declining.

The appeal was made by   Joseph Kaliisa the country Director of Building Tomorrow one of the local Non-Government Organization advocating for accessing to quality Education by Ugandan children.

Kaliisa said the poor working environment under which teachers operate across the country has affected the quality of Education in Uganda especially at primary level.

 “Education is a key sector in our economy but when you look at the performance of our children especially at the Primary Leaving Examination, the results are too challenging and the factors behind the poor performance are the working conditions under which government teachers are working in.  If the situation is to be improved, government needs to invest more resources towards improving the working environments for our teacher” He explained.

Kallisa who is an Educationist by profession, highlighted key issues which government need to address if government investment especially in primary levels is to yield positive results to the general public.

The key areas are Housing, salary increment and also government financing the construction of teaching Infrastructure such as staff rooms, student’s classes, libraries and improving the general sanitation environment in most schools, which he said is wanting.

 “Teachers are now becoming bodaboda riders because they want to increase their earning. In doing so, it’s the children who are affected because teachers are not concentrating on their duty due to personal demanding financial challenges in their homes. In addition to that some are trekking long distances to schools; this also affects their capacity to offer quality teaching to our pupils. Government should consider constructing houses for teacherS at their places of work” He explained.

In his remarks, the state Minister of public service, David Karubanga said all lower cadre civil servants working in key social sectors such as Police, Army, Education and Health will see their salaries increased in the coming financial year 2018/2019.

“The Government is aware of the challenges experienced by our colleagues, that is why the Ministry of Public services constituted a commission to study the salary structures in the public service and come up with a report on how government can respond to their needs. Currently we have that report and we are going to respond to the queries of our workers in the public service,“ the Minister said.

 He applauded Building tomorrow for supporting government in the education by constructing schools  and also supporting capacity building for heads of schools in the over 20 districts where they operate using their  carders on fellowship program.

The call by Joseph Kaliisa for government to handle teachers issues was made during the graduation event for its 10 fellows who have been working with the organization for 24Monthys where another bunch of 50 fellows were announced by Building tomorrow attended by the state Minister of public services Honourable David Karubanga.