Government is to centralize the importation of veterinary drugs and vaccines

Government is to centralize the importation of veterinary drugs

Government is to centralize the importation of veterinary drugs and vaccines in the country a move which aims at controlling the influx of fake veterinary drugs on the Ugandan market.

“Liberalizing the importation of veterinary drugs and medicines has done a disservice to the livestock sector.  Many importers  import products that do not meet standards. This has affected the growth of the livestock sector in the country. Many farmers have lost their livestock’s due this policy that is why we want to phase it out” said Joy Kabatsi, the state Minister for Animal Husbandry in the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries.

The Minister observed that the current system, the private sector more has the liberty and space to open up veterinary drug shops and import all kinds of veterinary drugs and medicines and  this has exposed farmers livestock to dangerous products thus the need to regulate the importation of veterinary drugs.

Under the new system of importing veterinary drugs which government intends to introduce, the commissioner for Animal health will regulate what kind of veterinary drugs to be imported into the country.

“We want to mitigate such loopholes in the sector for the good of our livestock farmers. With the new policy, all veterinary drug and vaccine dealers will be screened before being licensed by the commissioner animal health to operate veterinary drug in the country “The Minister said.

The district Veterinary Officer for Kiruhura  District Dr. Asimwe Grace  said  that one of the diseases that has remain resistant to various vaccines  on the market is that of Foot and Mouth disease  and this has been attributed to fake vaccines on the market.

Making a key note a dress to veterinary doctors during the meeting, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries, Pius Wakabi  cautioned veterinary Doctors  to adhere  with the professional code of conduct if the out brake of some of the livestock diseases are to be mitigated in the country.

He said some Veterinary Officers grant movement permits even to animals that are sick to move from one district to another and that this is one the things fueling the wide spread of livestock diseases in the country.

“Corruption among some of you is a big challenge to government. How can a District Veterinary Officer grant the movement of sick animals from his district to neighboring one?  As ministry, we are going to come up with a strong supervision team and those found granting such permits will be dealt with according to the laws regulating the movement of animals in the country” He said.

BY Samuel Nabwiiso