Government dragged to court over 3rd party motor vehicle insurance policy


KAMPALA, Uganda–City lawyer Stephen Ssekigozi has dragged government to court over what he calls forceful collection of Motor third party from citizens.

The Attorney General is listed in the suit as a respondent on behalf of Government, as well as the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) and Bank of Uganda respectively.

Ssekigozi, filed the case in the high Court’s Civil Division through his lawyers of Tropical Advocates and he is asking court to order government to stop the compulsory collection of third party from both vehicle owners and motor cyclists without sensitizing them first on the importance of this policy.

The learned friend blasts  IRA’s policy of allowing Insurance Company Agents to proceed with collection of varying insurance policies without due regard to the various car classes.

He argues that the collection of Third Party Insurance contravenes article 21(1) and 2(3) of the constitution. Ssekigozi therefore wants court to declare that all penalties and commissions charged over insurance and impounding of defaulting vehicles, is unlawful.

The lawyer further asked court for a permanent injunction restraining Government, its agents, employees, license assignees or servants from undertaking 3rd Party policies until a proper accurate frame work is brought into effect; and permanent injunction restraining government and its agents from collecting commissions and any fee in relation to this insurance Policy.

“The government needs to come up with a well streamlined policy for insurance whereby people can be able to know more about various policies available and when and how they may benefit from each,” Ssekigozi said during a press conference this morning.