State Minister for Agriculture Christopher Kibanzanga
Agribusiness Industry

Government developing Law to regulate Cannabis farming in Uganda

Companies that have picked Interest in growing cannabis in Uganda have been told to wait until government develops legal framework that will regulate farming of medicinal plant.

State Minister for Agriculture Christopher Kibanzanga has told Journalists in Kampala that Uganda is committed to grant Licenses to companies but government needs to come up with strong guidelines to regulate the activity because of its sensitivity.

“The crop is among the most valuable on the International markets because of it being medicinal plant but as government we are worried some Ugandans may end up being drug dealers. That is why we need strong regulations which the top government decision makers are in the process of coming up with,” He said.

Over 14 companies had applied for Licenses to Uganda Government to grant them permit to grow the plant.

According to the interested parties, there is huge market for the plant and if Uganda allows investors to invest in the farming of the plant it will enable the Country to improve on its tax revenue.

The current laws in Uganda do not allow the growing of the medicinal plant which is alleged to contribute to mental health if consumed.

However, Minister Kibanzanga said such laws should be adjusted since Uganda is an independent state.

Cannabis is grown in Zimbabwe, Uruguay and Mexico among other countries in the world.