The major event of the day was planting of trees in Entebbe town as ways of restoring the degraded tree cover in the Municipality.

Government asked to protect natural resources from encroachers

Wakiso district Chairperson Matia Lwanga Bwanika has asked government to ensure that all natural resources are protected against encroachers if Uganda is to survive the consequences of global warming.

Speaking recently during the official opening of the Uganda Environment and Water Week at the Water resources Training Institute in Entebbe, Bwanika noted that natural resources are being depleted at high rate which is exposing the country to the dangers of climate change.

“Without protecting our environment, Uganda may not achieve the United Nations development goals of improving the social and economic welfare of the people,” Bwanika said during the event.

Water and Environment Minister Sam Cheptoris appealed to government to invest more resources into the environment and water sector which he said is one of the poorly supported when it comes to resources allocation by the central government. The Minister emphasized that the water and environment sector prioritised as these resources affect all humanity.

“Protecting our environment and access to clean and safer water have economic multiplies effects to the country’s social and economic transformation, but as ministry, are facing tremendous challenges to ensure that the country’s nature is protected from encroachers because of limited financial support,” he explained.

Dr Kisamba Mugerwa, the chairperson of National Planning Authority, said since Uganda depends on the Agriculture sector, there is need to include environment protection in all agriculture programmes if ordinary Ugandans are to embrace nature conservation.

“Our agriculture sector will continue being affected by global warming, many of our farmers are not aware of the relationship between environment conservation and agriculture productivity in the country that is why many farmers are embracing farming practices that are not environmentally friendly,” he said.

The Entebbe meeting was attended by various stakeholders from both government and the private sector. Its main objective was to share Information on key developments and challenges the water and environment sectors are facing as Uganda prepares to celebrate the World Water day on the March 22nd 2019.

The major event of the day was planting of trees in Entebbe town as ways of restoring the degraded tree cover in the Municipality.