Goldstar Insurance and Prudential partner to offer COVID -19 cover
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Goldstar Insurance and Prudential partner to offer COVID -19 cover

Goldstar Insurance and Prudential Uganda have partnered to offer a new insurance cover to offer life insurance cover to Goldstar’s Workman’s Compensation and Group Personal Accident Policyholders.

The new insurance product called COVID19 Group Life Extension Insurance Cover covers groups of individuals of companies and organizations against devastating COViD19 pandemic. It is underwritten by Prudential.

In the new partnership, Prudential shall offer cover against Natural Death to all Goldstar Workman’s Compensation and Group Personal Accident Policyholders against death due to natural causes.

Goldstar Insurance said this cover is an extension of your existing Workman’s Compensation & Group Personal Accident policy with Goldstar to bridge the gap left out by this class of insurance.

“The death benefit enshrined under the traditional workers’ compensation and group personal accident is only payable if death is due to accidental causes and does not include death due to natural causes including Covid19,”

“Because of the above shortcoming, Goldstar Insurance has partnered with Prudential Life to offer cover against natural death to all Goldstar and GPA Policy Holders and death due to Covod19 is hereby covered,” Goldstar has said.

Meanwhile, Very early on in the COVID – 19 crisis, Prudential took the decision to ensure that all their clients, staff, agents and indeed as many Ugandans that might, unfortunately, get diagnosed with Covid-19, are given a cash payout to help their families manage expenses.

This according to Arjun Mallik the Managing Director Prudential East Africa, was to cushion the families with financial assistance as their loved ones get healed from COVID- 19.