Global C-Pop Artist Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen) Launches First Remix of “Goodbye Princess” in Collaboration with Superstar DJ Duo NERVO

HONG KONG, SAR, 10 January 2023,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- Tia Lee (Lee Yu Fen), a global C-POP singer, fashion icon and film and television actress, today released a remixed version of “Goodbye Princess” in collaboration with NERVO – an Australian DJ duo comprising twin sisters Olivia and Miriam Nervo – who are the all-time top-ranking female DJs in the world and have come onboard the #EmpowerHer movement following the campaign’s overwhelming success.

This follows the breakthrough success of Tia’s “Goodbye Princess” music video (MV), which achieved over 1 million views on Youtube within 10 hours after its worldwide premiere. As of now, “Goodbye Princess” has garnered over 73 million views on YouTube in just two weeks. The overwhelming response underscores the borderless resonance of both the song and #EmpowerHer’s ‘Female Empowers Female’ message, marking the success of the global female empowerment campaign.

“Goodbye Princess” NERVO Remix – A New Musical Expression of Strength and Empowerment

NERVO has written and produced hits for global superstars such as Kylie Minogue, Ke$ha, The Pussycat Dolls, Afrojack, Steve Aoki and Armin Van Buuren – even winning a Grammy Award for writing ‘When Love Takes Over’ for David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. However, their first love has always been electronic dance music (EDM); their repertoire of chart-topping hits and critically acclaimed debut album has established themselves as one of the biggest dance acts in the business.

In signature style, NERVO’s remix of “Goodbye Princess” turns the song’s tempo up and deftly weaves together multiple synth layers over Tia’s crystalline vocals, musically describing a fierce call to action for female empowerment and reflecting Tia’s bold, brave and resilient spirit. The result is a fast-paced, heart-pumping number reminiscent of mid-90s to early 00s discothèques, elevating the already energetic song into a defiant anthem that celebrates inner strength. 

“We’ve had a long history working with Asian pop stars so we jumped at the opportunity to remix Tia’s great tune! ‘Goodbye Princess’ is already such a memorable song with a powerful message about empowerment, but we wanted to make the production a bit crunchier for the real dance music fans. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do!” said Olivia and Miriam Nervo.

A remixed version of “Goodbye Princess” in collaboration with DJ NERVO

The Power of #EmpowerHerDance Inspires Awareness Through Dance

The release of the “Goodbye Princess” remix is expected to add further fuel to the global #EmpowerHerDance challenge, which was inspired by Tia’s original single and has taken TikTok by storm. International female dancers and prominent influencers around the world have covered the signature dance of “Goodbye Princess” on the platform, creating more awareness around the #EmpowerHer campaign – one of the biggest initiatives in the world supporting female empowerment.

Hannah Balanay in Australia was the first to cover the song’s distinctive choreography with the signature ‘goodbye’ hand wave, followed by Judah Metu-Teakura in New Zealand, Jlou in Hong Kong, Leen Mohammed from the Middle East, Evie Meg in the UK and Salice Rose of South America. Over 1 million people have viewed their dance videos to date, and new covers are being posted on the platform every day under the #EmpowerHerDance hashtag as more step up for the cause.

Under the #EmpowerHer campaign, for every viewing benchmark hit for the “Goodbye Princess” MV, a donation will be made to selected beneficiaries of the campaign, up to a maximum total of HKD3.8 million. This figure was chosen for its significance for the upcoming International Women’s Day, which falls on the 8th of March 2023. Tia herself has already started the ball rolling by selecting Teen’s Key as the First #EmpowerHer Beneficiary Organization. 

The Ingenious “Goodbye Princess” Pre-Release Campaign Sets a New C-pop Record – Accumulated over 100 Million Views Globally Within a Month 

Last month, the pre-release campaign for “Goodbye Princess” featured a 6-part animation series that told the story of Tia’s journey in the music and entertainment industries, as well as her subsequent reinvention. 

The ingenious pre-release campaign combining animation, music and fashion videography set an unprecedented C-pop pre-release record of more than 100 million views within a month. The pre-release campaign is on track to become the most successful engagement campaign of all time by a C-pop artiste. 

The “Goodbye Princess” MV and full pre-campaign series with complementing fashion videography can be watched on Tia’s social media channel

Beyond her music, Tia has also advocated for female empowerment in beauty and fashion. She has joined many A-listers such as Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys on the covers of popular magazines such as Vogue and ROLLACOASTER, and has used these illustrious platforms to spread her message of inner strength and empowerment – as well as to inspire other women with her story, which is built on a strong foundation of persistence, hard work, and self-belief. 

First Remix of “Goodbye Princess” in Collaboration with DJ NERVO:

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Tia Lee (李毓芬), born in Taipei, is an Asian C-pop singer, film and television actress, model, and former member of the girl band Dream Girls. In addition to her acting roles and musical career, Tia appears frequently at major fashion shows. As a fashion icon and trend-setter, Tia has graced the covers of fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and shares her beauty and fashion tips through a number of Vogue’s social media channels. 

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