Hassan Lubega, a motorcyclist with Dial Jack, has managed to start his own business of a motor spare parts shop that earns him at least Shs1 million a month
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From Dial Jack, Lubega has bought land, motorcycles, and established spare part shop

Hassan Lubega, a motorcyclist with Dial Jack, has managed to start his own business of a motor spare parts shop that earns him at least Shs1 million a month and has bought six motor cycles. He has also bought a plot of land.

Tell us your name and a brief background about you?

My name is Hassan Lubega; I have a family that I look after through this boda business.  My wife, children and I stay in Mukono but I work in Kampala.

When did you start working with Dial Jack?

It’s now one year since I joined Dial Jack. They started in the 5th month of last year and so that’s when I Joined.

I had brought a client to Dial Jack, and then I was informed Dial Jack was registering new workers. I asked about the requirements and was told payments are only Shs40,000. This motivated me to try out because of the uniqueness.

What inspired you to begin working as an Entrepreneurial Boda?

Being an entrepreneurial boda boda rider is by heart and passion. If you have a vision and set targets, you will always chase your dream and desire.

For me I feel for other people normally I put myself in every bodies shoe despite what conditions I feel every person must be respected. Whether you are a watch man or you sit in an office you must feel for others and what they do. So I got inspired because I wanted to show other people that even though you have other side businesses you can still work for your company by heart and love.

As an entrepreneurial boda what have you benefited from Dial Jack?

I own a personal motor spare parts business in Kireka where I earn every day. It’s through working harder for the past one year with Dial Jack Company. My business is working and standing firm because I am very patient and committed to all my bosses and work which made me attained social capital from Dial jack as an Entrepreneur boda, in terms of trust and creating more networks.

Hassan also says he managed to buy over six motor cycles which earns him more additional income; he continues say that he makes at least 3 million as his Net profit.

One should never give up when aiming for success in a business, because it will earn you millions of shillings after serious work.

How do you brand yourself as an entrepreneurial cyclist?

I have business cards that talk about me, my business and where I work from. Each time I am with my clients I always give them a card so that they can get in touch with me each time they need me. What I know is most cyclists think it’s not important to have a business card but to me I think it’s worth having an organized structure of business operations all this I learnt them from dial jack.

What makes you unique as an entrepreneurial cyclist?

What has always kept me different as an entrepreneurial cyclist is the personal business that I own, my six bodas, the leadership skills I have and above all the love and courage my boss from Dial Jack always give me and my saving culture.

What are your future plans?

I am looking to increase my personal investment by having more motor cycles to add on the six that I already have. I will also aim at building more rental units for those who need, this will increase profits. Therefore in the future I want to have people work for me while I take my rest.

Where do you see Dial Jack in the future?

I see Dial Jack growing and I see Mr. Jacob leading Dial jack as one of the biggest cyclist company around Uganda.  In the future I also believe that Dial Jack will be paying its staff even more than now, and making a lot of profits and owning several branches around town. This will lead to more employment opportunities for Ugandans.

What challenges do you face as an entrepreneurial cyclist?

One biggest challenge that I face is financial constraints. Sometimes you think of making much profits but things turn to the other side and you end up making less. However other clients are so annoying in terms of paying when it comes back to riding a motor cycle.

The most common challenge every person who is a motor cyclist faces are the motor accidents. All you must do is be very careful.

What advice do you give other non-entrepreneurial cyclist?

All I will tell them is, let’s save personal money because saving is very important and when you save you can actually invest and earn more income. Saving will make you a big entrepreneur this will then make your dreams come true.

Who inspires you in this business?

My role model is Mr. Jacob, a very unique manager. I love the way he handles matters, situations or people’s challenges. He is reliable for knowledge, wisdom and advice, Mr. Jacob handles us like family.