Vincent Omoth Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy (Left) hands over an assortment of Fresh Dairy products to Nellywn Ahirweomugisha (Centre) and his mother (Right).

Fresh Dairy reassures families on healthy and nutritious products

Nutrition is fundamental at ensuring healthy development for children and families at large. Having a balanced diet is one of the basic requirements of nutrition.

A balanced diet means having a meal that contains different kinds of foods in certain portions such that the body’s requirement for nutrients is met.

While a balanced diet should be a must-have in every family, in this fast-paced era it can be a challenge for parents to ensure that their families are eating healthy and nutritious foods.

The lack of time often forces families to either stick to one type of meal for long or to prepare quick easy to make junk food which doesn’t have sufficient nutrients required by the body.

Fresh Dairy, the leading producer of dairy products in Uganda seeks to address the need for balanced diets in families by producing healthy and nutritious products including Fresh milk, flavoured milk, Long life or UHT milk, powdered milk, Fresh Dairy flavoured yoghurt, Brookside Fruit yoghurt, ghee and butter all made with fresh milk from Ugandan farms.

All Fresh Dairy products are nutrient-rich with Energy, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat and Calcium among others.

Commenting on the need for families to have a balanced diet, Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy – Vincent Omoth noted that Fresh Dairy takes pride in being a family brand that ensures that families enjoy dairy products, that are not only healthy but packed with nutritious ingredients.

‘At Fresh Dairy, we put the family dietary needs at the forefront while developing products. We ensure that all members of the family, from the children, teenagers, adults are catered for by producing a variety of products, in varying sizes and flavours to meet changing consumer needs.

Omoth added that both Fresh Dairy and Brookside products can be consumed according to individual consumer preferences.

For instance, Fresh Dairy Flavoured Yoghurt and Brookside Fruit Yoghurt can be consumed as healthy snacks, Butter can be used as a spread on bread or for baking, Ghee can be added to meals, Flavoured milk can be consumed on the go in between meals, while Long-life milk can be consumed straight from the packages or cooked. All this is meant to meet varying consumer needs, he added.