Left: Fresh Dairy officials: Joseph Awino – GM Sales (L), Vincent Omoth – Marketing Manager (C ) and Jonathan Williams (R ) - Operations Manager Production taste and launch the new Brookside Fruit Yoghurt with real fruits coming in 4 flavours: Pear Caramel, Lemon biscuits, Strawberry and Vanilla available countrywide in shops, kiosks, duukas and supermarkets.
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Fresh Dairy Introduces Brookside Fruit Yoghurt

Fresh Dairy, has unveiled Brookside Fruit Yoghurt,  a new entrant into its yoghurt family.

The Brookside Fruit Yoghurt comes in four flavours: Pear Caramel, Lemon biscuits, Strawberry and Vanilla and is packaged in 100gm, 150gm, 250gm and 450gm cups only.

According to Vincent Omoth, the Fresh Dairy Marketing Manager the new yoghurt is informed by robust research and a desire to meet the ever-increasing consumer needs for variety through product innovations.

He says it contains real fruit and does not have preservatives or artificial additives.

“The combination of Yoghurt and Fruits which are both nutrient-rich foods gives consumers a blend of nutrients to include Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Calcium and Potassium among others, making the new Brookside Fruit Yoghurt, a healthy and nutritious choice,” said Omoth.

Jonathan Williams the Fresh Dairy Operations Manager Production said Brookside Fruit Yoghurt is locally produced at their Kampala factory and is 100 per cent processed using milk sourced from Ugandan farms.

“Last year, Fresh Dairy installed a fully automated yoghurt plant worth an investment of 1.4 Million dollars with a capacity to handle 80,000 litres of Yoghurt daily.

“The new yoghurt plant uses IML technology to process and pack all the yoghurt Fresh Dairy produces with minimal human contact.

“The advanced IML technology enhances the product’s security features to curb counterfeits. This is the same technology that we use to process and pack the popular Fresh Dairy Yoghurt (without fruits), which consumers enjoy for its thickness, aroma, flavours and natural taste of yoghurt,” said Williams.

Omoth added ‘The addition of the new Brookside Fruit Yoghurt onto our product line implies that we have increased in the local uptake of raw milk from our farmers.

“Fresh Dairy currently works with over 30,000 small and large local farmers from whom we source all the milk used in our products.

“At Fresh Dairy, we believe that good quality milk products are made from good quality milk. We have therefore invested in stringent milk testing procedures both upstream and downstream to ensure that we use high-quality milk in all our products.”

General Manager – Sales, Fresh Dairy – Joseph Awino said they have further heightened their distribution channels to ensure availability of the new Yoghurt countrywide in Shops, Duukas, Kiosks, Supermarkets and Tricycle Agents.