Fresh Dairy has donated Twenty (20) classroom desks to Kirinya Catholic Primary School for emerging 2nd Runner-Up winners in the 2018 Fresh Dairy Schools Program.

Fresh Dairy bails out School with classroom desks

Fresh Dairy has donated Twenty (20) classroom desks to Kirinya Catholic Primary School for emerging 2nd Runner-Up winners in the 2018 Fresh Dairy Schools Program.

The Primary Seven pupils from the school who originally had no desks in their classroom and had to make do with writing classwork on the floor were thrilled to sit on their new desks for the first time.

Vincent Omoth – Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy said, ‘Fresh Dairy has for two consecutive years run a schools program aimed at educating children on nutrition with an inclination towards encouraging the consumption of 1-Yoghurt-a-Day as a healthy and nutritious snack.

“This year’s Fresh Dairy’s School Program which started on 15th March 2018 successfully reached at least 300,000 primary school pupils as well as teachers and parents in over 350 primary schools across Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono districts, a time during which free yoghurt was given out to all students for sampling to further re-emphasize the 1-Yoghurt-a-Day nutrition message.’

Omoth further added that donating the classroom desks to Kirinya Catholic Primary School will aid a better learning environment because the learners spend an average of eight hours seated each school day while attending class lessons.

These desks will also better concentration in class, as the students don’t have to bend their backs anymore to write classwork, but instead sit in an upright healthy position.’

The desks were commissioned by the Assistant Town Clerk of Bweyogerere Division – Kira Municipality – Kavuma Ronald who applauded Fresh Dairy for the donation thanked the school staff and pupils for using their efforts to win the desks.

‘As Government, we can’t do everything on time because of resources and schedules. The Municipal Council had already set up new structures at Kirinya Catholic Primary School without desks.

Children sitting on the floor before the donation was made.
Children sitting on the floor before the donation was made.

“Fresh Dairy has answered our call and at least one of the structures has acquired desks. This is what everyone out there ought to do. Thank you for honouring that aspect of Corporate Social Responsibility and giving us desks.’

Omoth added, ‘Yoghurt as one of the products we produce at Fresh Dairy is an ideal nutrition booster for children because it is a healthy and nutritious snack that is rich in Vitamin A, B, D, E, Calcium and Potassium.

“ School going children not only require adequate nutrition in order to meet their growth milestones and lead healthy lives but also need to learn best  health and nutrition practices at an early age that they keep as they grow.’

Head Teacher Kirinya Catholic Primary School – Nalongo Settimba Christine thanked Fresh Dairy for the new classroom desks and said that in today’s modern world, there is a need to be creative to out beat the market.

‘Fresh Dairy has given our children the opportunity to be creative. We used to see yoghurt but we didn’t know the values it had but these days our students demand the people in the school canteen to stock Fresh Dairy yoghurt.’

Settimba added, ‘Kirinya Catholic Primary School has a total of 981 students and this year we collected 3,000 Fresh Dairy yoghurt cups which we used to make a dress and a water tank for a period of one month and a half, a model that earned us the second runner-up position.’

Champion Teacher Muyombya Patrick who teaches Primary Six said, ‘We decided to make the dress and water tank because the water tank is unique while we made the dress because no one can go around naked.’

Kituyi Peace, a Primary Seven pupil at Kirinya Catholic Primary School said, ‘Thank you Fresh Dairy for the desks. Before we got the desks, we used to at times write from the floor or squeeze between 4 to 5 students on the few desks we had.

“But now Fresh Dairy has given us a new look. During the Fresh Dairy schools program 2018, I learnt about nutrition and the different nutrients in yoghurt like calcium which makes bones strong. It was also fun making the models with my classmates.’

The 1st Runner-Up of the 2018 Fresh Dairy School’s Program – Murchison Bay Primary School – Luzira Prisons was rewarded with a newly renovated multi-purpose hall from Fresh Dairy while the overall winning school Mutungo Primary School will receive a newly constructed permanent nursery classroom block from Fresh Dairy.

Omoth concluded by noting that Fresh Diary will continue running the Fresh Dairy School Program next year in order to reach out to more schools with its health and nutritional message.