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Effective Supervision boosts productivity

Work ethic and mindset, are some of the top 10 contributors to Productivity in the workplace.

Whereas Uganda has been voted one of the most active Nations in the World, only a small fraction of this activity seems to translate to PRODUCTIVITY, that is value addition!

According to Zoe Recruitment, an employment, recruitment and human resource entity, one of the ways the activity can be directed to productivity is through proper or good supervision at the workplace.

Research has shown that people in an organization leave supervisors not the organization. If the supervision problem can be addressed, then our high activity levels can be directed to productivity hence value addition and the high staff turnover issue translated to staff retention.

“This is the single most motivating factor for running the training “The effective Supervisor” and many more to come.

And this is our contribution at Zoe Recruitment, to the Republic of Uganda as we tread the paths of value addition! For God and our country!”

“The Effective Supervisor training” will run from October 15th to 17th at the Business Development Centre of Forest Mall in Kampala.