Moses Zizinga, the Uganda Batteries Limited Marketing Director (L) with Marvin Mulinde the Head of Legal Services at Uganda Batteries Limited addressing a press conference at their head offices.
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Court blocks newly opened Nile Batteries from production due to imitation

The Commercial Division of the High Court has issued an interim order to Nile Batteries Limited, a battery manufacturing company that was recently opened by President Yoweri Museveni in Jinja to temporarily restrain from dealing with batteries marked NBL and Nile Battery Warranty Cards.

The order, that was signed by Lady Justice Anna B. Mugenyi, restrains Nile Batteries Limited from continuing to manufacture, produce, sell and distribute the said batteries and warranty cards until the disposal of the main suit.

The Court Order follows a complaint by the Industrial Area-based Uganda Batteries Limited who went to court citing imitation of their UBL brand and logo by Nile Batteries Limited.

The order was issued on 03/5/2018 in the presence of Allan Waniala counsel of the Applicant and Jordan Kinyera the Counsel of the Respondent (Nile Batteries Limited).

“Costs of the application abide the cause. This Order is given under my hand and the seal of this Honorable Court,” signed Lady Justice Anna Mugyenyi.

Uganda Batteries Limited Cautions Customers on Imitated Automotive Batteries

In a press conference held at their industrial area head offices, Uganda Batteries Limited (UBL), urged its customers and the general public to be on the lookout for imitations of its automotive batteries on the market.

Ariel view of Nile Batteries Factory in Jinja.
Ariel view of Nile Batteries Factory in Jinja.

Moses Zizinga, the Uganda Batteries Limited Marketing Director, said Uganda boasts of a liberal business environment that encourages competition and new players in the market.

“This comes with huge economic benefits for the country including; jobs creation, more taxes to the government for the country’s development, heightened creativity and innovation for businesses to stand out and of course, competitive pricing for the benefit of the consumer,” said Zizinga.

Zizinga said growth in the industry,  equally comes with some challenges that if not addressed, can deter healthy competition and delivery of outstanding value to customers.

“Some of the issues that arise include; unfair competition between players, product imitation and a host of other things that could affect business operations. We have recently witnessed some of these odds and have taken legal action to remedy it,” Zizinga said.

Late last year, Nile Batteries Limited, a new player into the market started making imitation batteries with the name NBL. The product features are identical to those of Uganda Batteries Limited in design, shape, logo, and sizes which makes it possible for customers to be duped into buying undesired products unknowingly.

Court Order by High Court Commercial Division

In light of this, on 03rd May 2019, the  Commercial Division of the High Court of Uganda issued an injunction against Nile Batteries Limited.

The injunction prohibits Nile Batteries Limited from manufacturing, producing, dealing and trading in batteries and products branded NBL as well as using its warranty card.

What the public must look out for if they are looking to buy a UBL battery

Zizinga provided some tips on how UBL’s customers can quickly identify the company’s authentic batteries. He says one should start by Checking for the logo with the letters UBL, Checking for their yellow top vent plugs and Checking for the battery’s engraved code and the unique serial number.

Nile Batteries Limited products during the commissioning by President Yoweri Museveni.
Nile Batteries Limited products during the commissioning by President Yoweri Museveni.

UBL is a fully indigenous and Ugandan-owned brand and the brainchild of the late Dr James Mulwana (RIP). The company has been in existence since 1967. Over the last 50 years, UBL has manufactured over 20 million units that have powered Uganda over the years and has gone through a great learning and development curve.

“This experience has enabled us to invest in and innovate new and efficient methods of delivering on production with the true mark of quality, durability and cost efficiency, ” he said.