Chipper Cash Celebrates 4th Anniversary
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Chipper Cash Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Born in 2018, Chipper Cash celebrates four years of enabling more and more people to move money freely across borders.

Chipper Cash, like many other companies, has a story. It was founded in 2018 by Maijid Moujaled, of Ghanaian descent, and Uganda’s very own Ham Serunjogi, to enable African consumers to send money to each other and across national borders more cheaply and easily.

“At the core of many business origin stories is people taking an initiative to build products and services that they’d like to use for themselves, if for no other reason.

Chipper is no different – a little less than four years ago Maijid and I set off on a journey to make sending money across & within Africa easy, accessible, and maybe even fun.” Ham Serunjogi, Chipper Cash CEO.

In the past 12 months, Chipper has expanded its reach in the continent by launching in South Africa. It has also broadened it’s global footprint by opening in the UK and US.

In addition, Virtual Cards are now live in Nigeria and our Global Stocks product is now available in Uganda along with the sending to Non-Chipper users facility.

Chipper is an ambitious bunch and is not stopping here.

To celebrate the Chipper journey in Uganda, Chipper cash treated some of its users to an amazing breakfast.

The event which took place at Mestil Hotel was hosted by key media personalities Anne Kansiime and Timothy Code.

Speaking at the breakfast Dan Tumuramye the Country Director for Chipper Cash Uganda  talked about the Chipper journey in Uganda, here mentioning some of the most exciting features recently launched like users being able to send money to non-Chipper users at no cost.

He additionally unveiled the forthcoming exciting features on the Chipper platform. The Chipper team further offered their commitment on behalf of Chipper to increasing its strong market presence and further introducing products to improve the welfare of Ugandans.

Chipper continues to excite Ugandans with moving their money freely.