Cars top EAC imports


MOMBASA, Kenya–Vehicles are among the top import cargoes into the regional markets through the port of Mombasa, registering 2,101 units in the week ended March 7th.

The car imports sharply increased from 467 units in the previous week to record a growth of 1,634 units or 349.9 percent. A total of 2,064 units were delivered on direct release leaving a balance of 22 units while 12 other units were delivered to the motorcar section.

During the week under review bulk clinker imports recorded 75,535 metric tonnes which was about 44.88 percent of the total 168,298 metric tonnes handled at the conventional cargo terminal. Other non-containerized cargoes handled in notable quantities included 34,281 metric tonnes of bulk wheat, 29,911 metric tonnes of steel, 15, 204 metric tonnes of bulk fertilizer and 6,019 metric tonnes of bulk maize. Cargo handled on average per day during the week registered 24,043 metric tonnes.

The conventional cargo terminal worked 16 vessels handling 167,322 metric tonnes of imports and 976 metric tonnes of exports. Cargo delivered by the road transport accounted for 127,040 metric tonnes while the conveyor belt delivered 40282 metric tonnes.

At the Container Terminals, 16 vessels docked recording a ship average working time of 2.42 days as the import container dwell time registered 5.03 days. The vessels discharged a total of 13,284 Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), full and empty and loaded another 13,294 TEUs.  Export containers increased by 2,817 TEUs while Imports increased by 1,526 compared to the registered performance the previous week.

Container deliveries from the port by the road transport recorded 7,997 TEUs registering a decline of 2,393 TEUs compared to the previous week. The rail transport evacuated 1,813 TEUs up from 1,168 TEUs handled in the previous week marking an increase of 645 TEUs or 55.22 percent.

The Container yard population has risen from 20,411 TEUs to 21,087 TEUs against a weekly target of 10,000 TEUs.  The new population comprises 9,694 TEUs awaiting pickup orders, 4,567 TEUs ready for collection, 2,096 TEUs full exports (nominated/un-nominated) and 1752 TEUs for Transhipment. Others in the yards are 2,125 TEUs empties and 853 TEUs at the Customs Warehouse.

Imports population registered 5,638 TEUs for the local destined cargoes and 4,535 TEUs for transit bound. Containers destined for Uganda, the leading port customers in the transit market segment accounted for 3,462 TEUs followed by Tanzanian bound cargo which recorded 481 TEUs and South Sudan with 275 TEUs.  Other transit countries include Tanzania which accounted for 275 TEUs, Democratic Republic of Congo with 162 TEUs, Rwanda with 108 TEUs and 11 TEUs for Burundi.