Building Energy enters the sustainable mobility market

Building Energy, a multinational company operating as a global integrated IPP in the Renewable Energy Industry, enters the sustainable mobility market with Be Charge, the business unit of the Building Energy Group specialising in electric mobility infrastructures.

Be Charge has entered a technological partnership with innogy, one of the leading European players in charging infrastructure for e-vehicles. The agreement will allow Be Charge to install thousands of EV charging points in Italy between 2018 and 2020, using innogy’s technology. In 2018 alone, Be Charge will install hundreds of fast charging stations in shopping malls, car parks, streets and public spaces. 

With 7,000 networked charging points in various countries worldwide, innogy is one of the leading European operators in the field of charging infrastructure. The company has supplied over 10,000 charging points for private and commercial use. In Germany, innogy has built up a large interconnected charging network with more than 160 municipal utility partners. The company’s objective is to make it possible to charge electric vehicles wherever they are parked, ideally with electricity generated from renewable sources.

"Be Charge is creating a public infrastructure of intelligent charging stations for electric vehicles on a national scale, in order to make a tangible contribution to the development of sustainable mobility in Italy” – said Paolo Martini, Managing Director, Be Charge. ”We are delighted to partner with innogy, whose technology is essential for such an ambitious infrastructure project.”

"Electric mobility is one of innogy's key growth areas. We thus consistently seek to expand our business in this field. We currently manage charging infrastructures in more than 20 countries worldwide. There is substantial growth potential for electric mobility in Italy as well as strong interest in the marketplace” – said Martin Herrmann, COO Retail, innogy SE. 

“I am proud that our charging stations will now charge electric vehicles in Italy, thanks also to the rapid and substantial expansion of charging infrastructure driven by our partner Be Charge.” He said.