Boujealous Nouveau the uniting festival

KAMPALA, UGANDA- The French society last week gathered at the Kabira Country Club to celebrate Boujealous Nouveau, a traditional French event held annually to mark the entry of the ‘first wine’ (vin de primeur) onto the market.

Speaking at the event, Sophie Makame the French ambassador to Uganda a extended her gratitude towards both the French and Ugandans present for their appreciation of such a day a thing, according to her, that exhibited unity, commitment and dedication.

In her remarks, she said that the event is all about gathering people to celebrate commitment and dedication to a common project. 

The French community converged at the Kabira Country Club hotel last week to celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau which saw many delegates from all over the country attend in great numbers.

The Francophone society celebrates this event every third Thursday of November and it is the most popular in Francophone countries since the most popular wine in France is ‘Vin de Primeur’ or ‘first wine.’ This is a wine quickly made from grapey red from southern Burgundy and is merrily quaffed as a forecast for each year’s vintage. It is fermented for just a few weeks before being sold on the third Thursday and Wednesday of November each year.

According to the ambassador, Beaujolais was the ‘wine of the year’ made to celebrate the end of harvest. This tradition of gathering people to thank them for dedication to hard work has been held for decades.