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Djibouti Commences Transformation of Historical Port- Launch of East Africa’s International Special Business Zone

Djibouti, 8 October – In a landmark ceremony, held under the auspices of HE President of the Republic of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, Djibouti inaugurated the regeneration project to turn the Historical Port of Djibouti into an international business district. A 6-phase regeneration plan The regeneration will see the historical port transformed into a district called […]


Building Back Fairer and Greener

Pamela Coke-Hamilton GENEVA – Like farmers planning the following season’s crop, we must now sow the seeds of the post-pandemic future we want. That means putting gender equality and sustainability at the heart of the recovery and promoting more inclusive development through “good trade.” The most serious challenge we face is economic inequality – not only between […]


What Should Corporations Do?

Raghuram G. Rajan. CHICAGO – With the COVID-19 pandemic reinforcing concerns about economic inequality, left-behind communities, discrimination, and climate change, there is increasing pressure on corporations to do more than sell a good widget at an affordable price. Responding to the changing public mood, the US Business Roundtable declared last year that, “Each of our stakeholders is […]


The Pandemic’s Complex Cocktail

Mohamed A. El-Erian. CAMBRIDGE – Having long been buttressed by ample liquidity, financial markets are entering the final quarter of 2020 amid an increasingly tentative global economic recovery, unusual political uncertainties, and lagging fiscal and structural policy responses. And these headwinds come on top of the COVID-19 crisis, which has left most countries struggling to […]

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Bottom-Up Approach Making Somaliland An Oasis Of Stability.

By Odindo Ayieko, Somaliland’s isolation by the international community is seen as a blessing in disguise for the country having afforded Somalilanders a level of self-determination in their peace-building process that was closed to other Somalis At the same time, Somaliland’s success in maintaining peace in a region bedeviled by conflicts is a result of the […]

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How to End the Pandemic This Year

Reda Cherif, Fuad Hasanov, and Mariana Mazzucato LONDON – Research to develop a safe, effective, and widely available COVID-19 vaccine is advancing rapidly. But when it will happen is not clear. Much depends on how we govern the production and distribution of new drugs. While the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Technology Access Pool promises to foster accessibility, the actual […]

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African Development Bank Partners With Government of Nigeria, Microsoft for eLearning.

30 September, Abuja, Nigeria – The African Development Bank, the government of Nigeria and Microsoft on Monday launched the Digital Nigeria eLearning Platform, to provide marketable digital skills to the country’s youth. The platform offers courses in web development, content creation, and data science, among others. The platform also uses gamification techniques to teach problem […]

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Uganda’s Innovative Financing Approach Paid off With Two Successful Micro-levies.

Aiming to create new stable revenue streams in the context of global economic insecurity and growing development needs, the government of Uganda innovated in 2013 by implementing two micro-levies on Mobile Money transactions and incoming international calls. The approach has rapidly paid off, generating more than US$106 M in additional revenue for the State in […]

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Africa’s Portal TO DOING BUSINESS WITH THE United States

Overview This Virtual Summit, the first and the largest of its kind convenes thousands of c-suite executives and decision-makers at African businesses, large and small, to present to you, from the highest ranks, the ways in which the U.S. can assist in growing your businesses through trade, investment, and technical assistance. Objective Designed specifically to […]


Decoding China’s “Dual Circulation” Strategy

Yu Yongding BEIJING – In May, China’s central leadership proclaimed that it would “fully develop the advantages of [the country’s] super-large market and the potential for domestic demand to establish a new development pattern featuring domestic and international dual circulations that complement each other.” “Dual circulation” has been the subject of intense discussion within and outside China […]

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Horn of Africa Conflicts Mainly Caused by External Influence

By Mohamed A. Mohamoud – Barawani The rivalry between international actors on the Horn of Africa region due to geostrategic interests can only fuel more interstate and intrastate conflicts in the foreseeable future. The Horn of Africa region is characterized by poor governance and stalling democratic practices, where authoritarian regimes and one-party systems dominate the political […]