Airtel Unveils 1st "Needs More of You Campaign" Winner-Uganda
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Airtel Unveils 1st “Needs More of You Campaign” Winner-Uganda

Kampala- 10th October 2022: Airtel Uganda, the Smartphone Network with the highest 4G coverage in Uganda has today unveiled the first set of winners in the ongoing UG Needs More of You Campaign.

Wabibi Pads emerged winner from the 3 vetted stories. The social entrepreneur that makes Reusable sanitary pads and relies heavily on social media to reach beneficiaries garnered 90,394 votes from the participating public.

They will receive a cash reward of 15,000,000 Ugandan Shillings at a crowing event next month.

The Airtel Supported UG Needs More of You campaign, launched in March 2022, celebrates Ugandans who have provided tech-inspired solutions to change their lives and those of the community they live.

Ugandans were encouraged to share stories of Ugandans who have harnessed the power of technology to solve real problems and better society.

“Today we are pleased to announce the winner in the first phase of the campaign, who is Wabibi Pads, founded by Ms. Bernadette Ojao. I want to congratulate Ms. Ojao and her team for this achievement.

I would also like to congratulate Mr. Gerald Otim from Ensibuuko, and Mr. Ronald Katamba from Jaguza Tech who, as voted by the public, came in second and third place respectively,” revealed manoj murali, the Managing Director Airtel Uganda.

Over 2200 story entries met the minimum requirements, from which only 55 met the participating requirements for vetting by the judges. Three stories were vetted by a jury comprising of:

  1. Maggie Kigozi, the Chairperson of Africa Scout Foundation,
  2. Maurice Mugisha, Deputy Managing Director, UBC TV,
  3. David Birungi, PR Manager at Airtel Uganda,
  4. Lyndah Nabayinda, Customer Experience Director, Airtel Uganda, and
  5. Noela Byuma, Head Brand and Comms at Airtel Uganda and later opened for public voting.

The public voted on the three stories by either dialling 162 or using SMS (162).

Wabibi Pads garnered 90,394 votes, Ensibuko received 85,619 votes while Jaguza Tech attained 46, 340 votes.

The 3 businesses will each receive a cash reward with the winners taking home Ush. 15 million, 10 million for the 2nd Runner Up and Ushs. 5 million for the 3rd Runner Up.

“We are pleased to launch the second, and last set of Tech-inspired Stories that are transforming Uganda. They are.

  1. Barefoot Law – Offers Legal Aid Online
  2. One Impact App- TB patients can get Online help without stigma
  3. Agro supply – An Online platform that supports farmers with access to agricultural inputs.

We urge the public to continue participating in the campaign by voting for their best tech-inspired story. To vote, simply dial *162#.

At the end of the second round of the campaign we shall have a crowning event where all the winners shall get their cash support to scale their ideas.

As Airtel Uganda, we remain committed to supporting Ugandans and causes that are transforming the lives of many” manoj concluded.