$48m earmarked for Tanzania roads

  DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania -The Tanzania government has received $48 million from Japan in grants for improving road and electricity infrastructure in Dar es Salaam city.

   The grants will pay for the widening of the new Bagamoyo road project and reinforcement of the power distribution at a cost of $303,488.

   According to a statement, the expansion of the new Bagamoyo road was aimed at addressing the emerged challenges that includes among others the unexpected amount of unstable soil which has caused shortfalls in the project.

   Japan Ambassador to Tanzania Masaki Okada said in a statement that once the new Bagamoyo four lane road is completed, it will cut the city’s traffic congestion thereby allowing the expansion of economic activities.

   He said the remaining amount of the grant is aimed at enforcement of Ilala sub-station and the already existing Dar 132kv power transmission line project from Ilala substation to Ubungo sub-station in Dar es Salaam.

   The whole power transmission project enforcement in Dar city would involve the construction of a new Jangwani beach sub-station as well as the construction of a distribution line from Jangwani beach substation to Tegeta substation, also the construction of Mwananyamala substation as well as construction of a distribution line from Mwananyamala substation to Makumbusho substation.

   Other power projects expansion will involve the expansion of Msasani substation as well as the expansion of Msasani substation to Makumbusho substation.

    The statement added that through the implementation of these projects the city of Dar es salaam will be able to improve the stability of power supply thereby leading to economical development as well as improving the residents’ social services like hospitals and schools.

   The reads in part, ‘By implementing these components, the project will greatly contribute to improving stability of the power supply in Dar es Salaam City, which will lead to further development of economic activities and improvement of social services such as schools and hospitals’.

   Meanwhile work on the Arusha and Minjungu junction road is nearly complete. The almost 100 kilometre section  is 70% done according to Deusdedit Kakoko, the Regional Manager of the Tanzania Roads Agency (TANROADS).