Goodlyf launches anti corruption song

Radio and Weazle of the Goodlyf crew performing

BUSIA –UGANDA – Goodlyf boys have Launched an Anti corruption song where the groups stars calls for their fans always to be corrupt free.

The song entitled “Corruption” was composed by Radio and Weasel on behalf of the Uganda debt Network Launching the song in Busitema Eastern Uganda the duo Musician said they are joining the public to fight corruption through music and they believe by using music this will change many Ugandans especially the younger people

“Many Ugandan listen to radios and watch televisions that is why we have contracted these two musician under their performing group the Good life to compose the no corruption song which UDN will be using to sensitize the whole public about the dangers of corruption in Uganda” said Mr. Patrick Tumwebaze during the Launch of the song at Busitema Junction recently

The Anti-corruption song will be played in all radio waves across the country, Radio and Weasel urged the entire Ugandans to love the song because it’s very educative

“The Anti-corruption song should be embraced by all Ugandan this will help the Uganda to fight the problem of corruption which has greatly affected services deliverance in the country and on great occasion many Ugandans have lost their lives because of corruption in the society “ the Duo Musician explained

Corruption is one of the great problems which is hindering services delivery in the country a lot of government funds have been swindled by senior Government officers in various ministries and other Government agencies

The Government of Uganda has tried to fight corruption but still facing a lot of challenges to control corruption because majority of the public are not aware of the side effects of corruption.