12 million Shillings Worth of Medical Equipment Donated - KCB Uganda.
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12 million Shillings Worth of Medical Equipment Donated – KCB Uganda.

Kampala, 2021- KCB Bank has donated medical equipment worth 12 million shillings to Sanctuary Medical Foundation in Gayaza. The donation comes on the backdrop of a heightened need for in-patient medical equipment and needs for the protection of frontline health center staff.

The items donated to Sanctuary Medical Foundation included; 10 Adjustable Adult patient beds with in-built drip stands, mattresses with PVC covers, and 10 COVID-19 protective suits to aid in the treatment of patients at the facility.

Mr. Edgar Byamah, the Managing Director at KCB observed that as a health facility, there is a continued need for the availability of medical equipment and supplies as a way to support the hospitals’ efforts and facilitate the medical teams with the right tools to enable them to do the great job the people of this community are already experiencing.

Byamah remarked that “It is therefore because of this reason that KCB Uganda, through the KCB Foundation, is able to make the decision to donate new hospital equipment worth Ushs. 12.3 million to Sanctuary Medical foundation.

“As we are all aware our beloved country is continually registering new COVID-19 cases most of which are community cases.

While the healthcare system’s shortages of PPE and ventilators have been heavily publicized, bedding has also been dangerously scarce.

Mrs. Phoebe Lutaaya, the Chief Executive Officer at Sanctuary Medical Foundation extended appreciation to KCB for the timely and calculated support.

She said that “It is important to form such partnerships in the bid to improve the experience of patients that come to the center to receive medical attention and as well as enhance the working environment for both medical and non-medical personnel,” she noted.

Dr. Kaliika Patrick, one of the Founders at Sanctuary Medical Center noted that “The donation, would greatly support this health center that treats about 500 patients monthly from the community of Kittetika Gayaza.”

KCB bank’s donation was facilitated through its KCB Foundation.