Sunday, July 20, 2014 

Petroleum Institute teams up with Business Week

SEALED: Ivudria signs the MOU as Sallery looks on, to mark the beginning of a relationship involving an informative article on the oil and gas industry every week. PHOTO BY PAUL TENTENA

KAMPALA, Uganda – East African Business Week, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Institute of Petroleum Studies Kampala to raise understanding of oil and gas issues within the region.

Brian Sallery, the Institute of Petroleum Studies Principal said they contribute a number of articles that will help to educate the public about the petroleum industry.

“East African Business Week is a well-respected newspaper, so through it we expect to inform and educate even a lay person in the oil and gas sector,” he said.

Sallery said their Institute is helping to boost the capacity of Ugandans to fully participate in the oil and gas industry. He said their courses can help reduce the number expatriates in the sector.

“Our aim is to equip even a lay-person with oil and gas knowledge. There shouldn’t be many expatriates employed in the oil industry. Ugandans are hardworking people who are capable of working in the sector,” Sallery said.

Godfrey Ivudria, the East African Business Week Managing Director said the newspaper, has been at the forefront of publishing news articles concerning the oil and gas industry. This comes at a time when East Africa countries are making making notable commercial discoveries of oil and gas.

“We want to ensure that our readers get adequate information and knowledge about oil and gas,” he said at the signing.

The Petroleum Institute will write articles on a weekly basis about the oil and gas sector for one year. 

Ivudria said the articles will help students interested in the sector to write dissertations, give pointers for research and generally enrich their understanding about oil and gas. “They will learn and grow their knowledge in the sector as well as benchmarking with international oil standards,” he said.

The Institute of Petroleum Studies is situated in the quiet suburb of Muyenga- Kisugu on the outskirts of Kampala. The institute offers certificates, diplomas and degrees in oil and gas management.

By Paul Tentena, Sunday, July 20th, 2014