Speke Resort adds more Suites


KAMPALA, Uganda-This Valentine’s Day and financial year, Speke Resort Munyonyo is a must destination.  Your preference will be added to the Queen of England who hailed the cook there for whetting appetites during the first Chogm meeting in Africa in 2007. 

Late Muammar Qadaffi pitched his tent and offered to buy the property. As if that was not enough, brainy Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe dreaded any English structured until he clapped his eyes on a self- contained grass thatched suit.

Halt. Management last week unveiled 45 more suites to render Uganda a work shop country on the African continent. The palm trees continue to tirelessly whisper as the cold breeze blows from Lake Victoria. The larger than ordinary windows leave natural lights to slashes the interior with blades of light here and there.

The spacious facility now boasts: state of art address/ visual facilities, an Olympic size swimming pool, horse rides, a sailing club and water sports.  Talk about history and Kabaka Mwanga dreamed of a manmade lake (Kabaka's Lake) to connect him to Munyonyo. Some martyrs met their death in the neighborhood. Notorious former head of state Idi  Amin loved seeing the moon in the night there. Like coincidence has it, the Indians community celebrates Diwali there every November.