Shilling trades relatively flat versus US counterpart

The shilling traded relatively flat versus the greenback in what was a dull Wednesday trading session. The home unit was little changed against the dollar in a session that saw both demand and supply equally matched. Dollar flows from corporates tipped the scale slightly in the afternoon and helped the USD/UGX currency pair gain 2 […]

Shilling in seesaw mood against US Dollar as week closes

The home unit seesawed between gains and losses in the previous trading session, ending the day unchanged versus its American counterpart. Early trading saw the shilling advance marginally against the dollar on the back of augmented inflows. As the session progressed foreign currency buyers retreated from the sidelines to take advantage of the low levels […]

Uganda shilling records minimal movement against US Dollar

A quiet session yesterday saw the shilling end the day little changed from previous close. Sideways trading was the dominant theme in the local currency market with activity from both demand and supply counters remaining well balanced through the day. In today’s trade, market chatter alludes to range bound trading as demand and supply forces […]

Shilling trades within confined ranges against US dollar

The shilling traded within confined ranges against the U.S. dollar on Friday, in a session characterized by minimal activity. Matching flows on both the demand and supply counters failed to stir the market, and left the USDUGX currency pair unchanged by the end of the day. Market chatter alludes to range bound trading, with the […]

Facebook’s Libra Must Be Stopped

NEW YORK – Facebook has just unveiled its latest bid for world domination: Libra, a cryptocurrency designed to function as private money anywhere on the planet. In preparing the venture, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been in negotiations with central banks, regulators, and 27 partner companies, each of which will contribute at least $10 million. […]

America’s Unusual Recovery is Now Also its Longest

LONDON – Data released over the next few months will show that the current US economic expansion is the longest on record. But while the United States continues to outperform other advanced economies, this success has yet to dispel many Americans’ persistent sense of economic insecurity and frustration; nor does it alleviate concerns about the […]

The US Economy’s Dirty Secret

SAN DIEGO – There is a dirty little secret in economics today: the United States has benefited – and continues to benefit – from the global slump. The US economy is humming along, even while protesters in the United Kingdom hurl milkshakes at Brexiteers, French President Emmanuel Macron confronts nihilist yellow-vested marchers, and Chinese tech firms such as Huawei […]

The Dangerous Absurdity of America’s Trade Wars

NEW YORK – Don Quixote fought windmills. US President Donald Trump fights trade deficits. Both battles are absurd, but at least Quixote’s was tinged with idealism. Trump’s is drenched in enraged ignorance. Last week, it was announced that the US international deficit on goods and services had widened to $621 billion, despite Trump’s promise that tough trade […]

Why Economics Must Get Broader Before It Gets Better

NEW YORK – The economics profession took a beating after most of its leading practitioners failed to predict the 2008 global financial crisis, and it has been struggling to recover ever since. Not only were the years following the crash marked by unusually low, unequal growth; now we are witnessing a growing list of economic […]

Shilling ends trading unchanged from previous close

The shilling traded sideways against its American counterpart, though ending the day unchanged from previous close. Lack of economic news left most of the players sidelined with price action for the USD-UGX pair guided mostly by flows. Corporate dollar demand remained well matched by foreign currency inflows from various sectors of the economy throughout the […]

Risky Retirement Business

CAMBRIDGE – The challenges posed by an aging population are manifold, and they are neither new nor unique. The populations of Italy and Japan have been declining for some time, and in the United States, numerous state governments’ large unfunded pension liabilities are a chronic problem. While low interest rates in most advanced economies have […]

Local unit continues to trade firmly against US counterpart

The Uganda shilling continued to trade firmly against the dollar clinging onto previous gains. The domestic unit showed strength against its U.S. counterpart amid tight liquidity conditions. Dollar appetite from corporate and interbank players remained fairly low throughout the day to allow the home unit close with its right foot forward. We expect the USDUGX […]

Uganda shilling maintains upward trend against US dollar

The Uganda shilling maintained an upward trend against its foreign counterpart in yesterday’s session locking 10 shillings by the days close. Increased dollar inflows from various sectors of the economy amid ebbing greenback demand gave the local currency a boost leading to a stronger close. We see the USD/UGX pair trading within the familiar ranges […]