Kilimanjaro to revamp

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania – Kilimanjaro region is planning to build a special commercial and industrial town at a Lokolova area in a bid to boost the value of its products.

This was revealed last week by the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner, Mr. Leonidas Gama.

Gama said the town must meet both the local international market demands. 

He said: “We have already located the area for the project to provide opportunities for the businessmen to sell their products.” He said in order to accomplish the project, the government in collaboration with the private sector will work to improve business by building small, medium and large industries.

The regional commissioner said the commercial town will be the main pillar for the modern international market expected to be built at Lokolova for marketing products within and outside the country.

The motive behind the project is that Kilimanjaro region is located at the border and is very famous for businesses and tourism.

“The major issue here is with all the qualifications, we are still selling raw products which have no high value and are unnecessary for the large businesses,” Gama said.

He said: “We need these industries to have processed products. Time for raw and unfinished products has gone. We must now turn into new technologies to attract more businesses for our own benefits. These plans have come at the right time when our crops will have more value and be put in different classes when being marketed.”

 Kilimanjaro region is famous for farming tomatoes, bananas, avocadoes, green vegetables, coffee, and tea among others. It is also important for tourism taking into account the presence of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro.

The regional commissioner said they were planning to establish a new modern tourism centre at Siha district in the same region in order to increase tourism. The centre will be built in formerly owned government areas which are currently not operating.  

“If we manage this project, we are sure of increasing the private as well as public sectors incomes and boost the country’s economy,” he noted. Among the attractionsw to be built at the tourism centre are gardens, modern hotels, and exhibition areas.