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Airtel to launch in Rwanda

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KAMPALA, UGANDA - Barely a week after launching its Mobile Money platform that enables customers to withdraw cash from bank ATMs, Airtel has announced that the next step is to actualize seamless cross border transactions in the region.
In an exclusive interview with East African Business Week, Mr. Joseph Kanyamunyu, Airtel's Public Relations Manager, said the company is moving towards achieving the cross border transactions but a lot needed to be done.
"We are definitely moving in that direction but at the moment our PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) are still localized.
“We are working with partners in the other states to harmonize their platforms and we should be good to go very soon", Kanyamunyu said.
According to him, this service when actualized will enable customers and businessmen to make their transactions from any place in the region and will greatly reduce the burden of queuing up at the various banks.
He also disclosed that Airtel will be launching in Rwanda in the next two weeks and this will enable the two countries to harmonize their platforms easily.
When Airtel Rwanda is launched, a customer in Rwanda will be able to access their cash from any Ugandan ATM as long as they have registered.
To access money from an ATM, an Airtel subscriber will have to request for a PIN using their line and also choose the option of withdrawing from ATM and the PIN will be sent to their phone.

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