Still No Care for Care Workers

Jayati Ghosh NEW DELHI – Those who thought that a pandemic would make everyone realize the crucial role of care workers should think again. With the coronavirus still spreading rapidly, frontline workers are more essential – and at greater risk – than ever, yet public attention has shifted elsewhere. Worse, as economies collapse and labor-market […]

Africa EAC Opportunities

East Africa holds its ground as Africa’s fastest growing region, despite COVID-19 disruption

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the region’s economic growth was projected at more than 5 percent, well above continent’s average of 3.3 percent and global average of 2.9 percent NAIROBI, Kenya, July 12, 2020/ — COVID-19 curbs East Africa’s growth, but still the strongest in the continent; Report calls for transition to higher value-added activities […]

Africa Industry

East African Business Week News (EABW News) partners with APO Group

East Africa’s Leading online business news website East African Business Week News (EABW NEWS) (www.Busiweek.com) has today entered a media partnership agreement with the APO Group to publish its business-related news as it happens. This partnership agreement was coordinated by Mr. Laurent Caplea, Content Partnership Manager at APO group on behalf of the agency. The […]


What Will COVID-19 Do to Banking?

Xavier Vives BARCELONA – The COVID-19 crisis has revealed banks to be not part of the problem for a change, but part of the solution. They have so far proven to be resilient, mostly as a result of the stricter capital and liquidity requirements imposed on them following the 2007-09 global financial crisis. Today, many […]


China as Economic Bogeyman

Dani Rodrik, CAMBRIDGE – As COVID-19 spread from China to Europe and then the United States, pandemic-stricken countries found themselves in a mad scramble for medical supplies – masks, ventilators, protective garments. More often than not, it was to China that they had to turn. By the time the crisis erupted, China had become the […]


The Political Logic of China’s Strategic Mistakes

Minxin Pei CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA – Some of the Chinese government’s recent policies seem to make little practical sense, with its decision to impose a national-security law on Hong Kong being a prime example. The law’s rushed enactment by China’s rubber-stamp National People’s Congress on June 30 effectively ends the “one country, two systems” model that has prevailed since 1997, […]

Africa Industry

Tanzania: African Development Bank project tripled incomes of rural producers and traders

With $56.8 million in funding from the African Development Bank, the programme was undertaken in 32 districts with a population of 6.1 million in 1.2 million households ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast, July 7, 2020/ — An African Development Bank (http://www.AfDB.org) project to enhance market infrastructure, value addition and rural finance (MIVARF) (https://bit.ly/38xRvFo) in Tanzania produced highly […]

Africa ICT

Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa 2020 unveiled, 5 International Judges Announced.

Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa 2020 is the virtual version of the African Freestyle Championships organised by the sports promoter LAGOS, Nigeria, July 7, 2020/ — Feet ‘N’ Tricks International (www.FeetAndTricks.com), the organisers of the Freestyle UNLOCKED Africa 2020 has announced MTN as the headline sponsor for the fourth annual games kicking off on Monday, July 1, […]