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Which Post-Pandemic Government?

By Raghuram G. Rajan  CHICAGO – Even with the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, speculation has turned to what society will look like afterward. Citizens, shocked by how easily their lives can be upended, will want to reduce risk. According to the emerging new consensus, they will favor more government intervention to stimulate demand (by pumping […]

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Time for a Selective Debt Jubilee

NEW YORK – The COVID-19 crisis will leave many private and public borrowers saddled with unsustainable debt. We are still in the “pre-Keynesian” supply-shock-cum-derived-demand-shock phase of what is likely to be a global depression. But once the virus is mostly vanquished, households will engage in precautionary saving, and businesses will be reluctant to commit to […]

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Learners in Uganda to Benefit from Free Learning Materials by Bridge

Kampala, May 21, 2020 – Bridge International Academies has launched a free online learning resource called Bridge at Home, to support remote learning for pre-primary, lower and upper primary children in Uganda. Bridge at Home provides all parents, teachers, and caregivers with access to free weekly lessons and activity plans that are class-specific. Bridge has […]

Industry Opinions

Emerging Markets’ Hidden Debt Risk

By Mitali Das, Şebnem Kalemli-Özcan, Damien Puy, and Liliana Varela  WASHINGTON, DC/LONDON – Stark warnings about the COVID-19 shock’s potentially devastating effects on emerging markets (EMs) have become ubiquitous. With the pandemic engulfing ever more countries, EMs face a mass exit by foreign investors seeking safe assets. As a result, capital outflows and currency depreciations […]

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The Big Failure of Small Government

By Mariana Mazzucato and Giulio Quaggiotto  LONDON – Decades of privatization, outsourcing, and budget cuts in the name of “efficiency” have significantly hampered many governments’ responses to the COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, successful responses by other governments have shown that investments in core public-sector capabilities make all the difference in times of emergency. […]