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Welcome South Sudan to EAC!

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Welcome South Sudan. Most welcome! South Sudan is now a free country after getting independence over the weekend. A quote from a media group from one of the liberators said: “Even if I die on Sunday, it will be in a free country!” Indeed some people died, but died in a free country. This is a country of unique capabilities, huge opportunities, great expectations and will certainly face new challenges.  A few facts will direct its appreciation. The new country, has a land size of about 239,285 sq miles, slightly larger than Kenya. Has a population of about 9 million. It is in East African Time zone, has 24 ethnic groups, speaks Arabic and English as official languages,  The new nation has a lot to learn from the other neighbors who have been at independence for almost 50 years now. Kenya and Uganda have more than quadrupled their exports in goods and services to Southern Sudan in the last 10 years. Uganda exports over $200million, Kenya over $180million. The vast East African Community for which it has applied to join will welcome it with open arms. What, with 85% of Sudan’s oil output (estimated at about 520,000 barrels per day), this offers the EAC a unique opportunity to have South Sudan as a partner state in the region’s Common Market and Monetary Union. South Sudan has immense potential, agriculture farm land with unique climate could form the bulwark of unlimited commercial agriculture, huge forest reserves for timber and the lumber industry, the Nile river will be available for navigation and the fishing industry and electricity. Tourism will certainly be a boon to the country. The country is home to the “big five” and countless other flora and fauna not forgetting the prized landscapes and historical artifacts. A recent report by conservations uncovered one of the largest animal migrations in South Sudan and suggests the scale could be bigger than Tanzania’s Serengeti. The South Sudanese will need education, science and technology, investments, 토토사이트 for an entertainment, exposure and protection from their northern “neighbor” Sudan. That protection and exposure will be given by its “southern” brothers (EAC).
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