Friday, 11 June 2010
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Rwanda reduces business registration to one hour
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KIGALI, RWANDA - An Online business registration service has been officially launched in Rwanda reducing time it takes to register a company from a day to just one hour.

The online business registration service went live on Rwanda Development Board (RDB) website http://org.rdb.rw last week.

This means one can register a company in the comfort of their homes or at any internet café without necessarily going to RDB offices in Kigali.

Some RDB officials think the development will help many investors formalise businesses and create more wealth in Rwanda .

The development comes in after reports indicate many small businesses were finding it time consuming to leave their businesses to go through registration formalities.

However this could change with the online registration.

"Today you have a choice. You can either come or register within RDB using the basic computerised system, or you can register a company wherever you are, as long as you have internet, whether you are at home or abroad," Clare Akamanzi, Chief Operating Officer , Rwanda Development Board said.

She was officially announcing the online services at RDB business registration offices last week.

Akamanzi says RDB will maintain the hard paper registration but will encourage the use of online business registration services.

A statement released by RDB says the new system provides a single registration point where clients will have interface with a single agency by filling a single consolidated dossier.

The online registration form is then confirmed by a registration certificate and a single identifier signed by the Registrar General of Companies.

The online system also connects to the Social Security Fund of Rwanda (SSFR), Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) with a single TIN number and National Institute of Statistics.

This further streamlines the existing business registration service by reducing the client interaction from two procedures to one.

Clients will receive signed certificates after submitting all relevant documents online and payments using a Credit/Visa Card.

The statement says the new system also provides web based information service.

By logging in at www.org.rdb.rw, a client can have access to business registration database with aggregated information with fields on specific business identification number, name, business activities, geographical location, verified print outs.

Akamanzi assured that online registration system guarantees cyber security to clients. She said the verification process is also ensured to avoid any possibilities of fraud or forgery.

Rwanda is far ahead of other East African Community member states in easing doing business. It first reduced the period for registering a business from 30 days to a week and then to three days and and has now come up with just an hour.

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