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Monday, December 04, 2017 

How Building Energy is transforming Tororo Community

Tororo, Uganda--Italian multinational company , Building Energy operating as a Globally Integrated IPP in the Renewable Energy Industry, has supported the Tororo local community with a donation of construction materials, furniture, textbooks and agricultural equipment to the Asinget Community School.

Asinget Community School was provided with chairs, desks and textbooks for its 114 schoolchildren, as well as construction materials such as bricks, cement, sand, doors and windows, for the construction of a new school. 

Building Energy provided the local community with access to some land, seeds and tools to help young people and families begin a modern experimental cultivation farming initiative. The EAIF (Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund) Directors visited the Asinget Community School previously and also donated funds for textbooks and some instructional materials as part of the Building Energy commitment and development towards the Tororo Community Development Plan of the Project.

Representatives from Building Energy  presented donations to Mr. Julius Ekwaro, the Vice-Chairman LC3, Osukuru sub-county, in the presence of the Osukuru sub-county Executive Committee, the Asinget Community School Management Committee, the Asinget LC1 Executive Committee, the teachers and a few school children, during their visit in Tororo, Uganda today.

Building Energy has a presance in Uganda with a 10 MWp solar plant, based in Tororo, consisting of 32,240 photovoltaic panels distributed over a 14 hectare site. The facility is designed to generate around 16 GWh of energy annually, catering to the energy needs of more than 18,500 families. Not only will the solar park cover the community’s needs, it will also foster industrial development in the city of Tororo, while at the same time saving atmospheric emissions of more than 7,200 tonnes of CO2 per year, corresponding to the consumption of around 2,800 petrol-powered cars. Besides its positive impact on the environment and sustainable economic growth, Building Energy is also contributing tangible benefits to the local community.

By Samson okwakol, Monday, December 04th, 2017