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Sunday, December 01, 2013 

Rwanda to get new school curriculum

KIGALI, RWANDA  - Rwanda will introduce a new school curriculum for pre-primary, primary and secondary school in the year 2016.  The new curricula is aimed at creating competent students from school who will help develop the country.This was revealed in a one weeks conference that was concluded last week which conference was organised by the Rwanda Education Board [REB] and brought in different education stakeholders from within and outside the country.
Speaking at the conference, the Minister of Education Vincent Biruta said there was a need to balance attaining goals with obtaining skills that can be used for job creation and boost economic development and growth.
The director general of REB John Rutayisire said the new curricula will help the country achieve its Economic Development Poverty Reduction Strategy ll [EDPRS2] which is mainly based on youth empowerment programmes, labour market demands and provision of skills to the Rwandan population.
“We want to build a competent curricula and therefore we want to bring in new text book when this programme is implemented. This will make it easy for the learner to understand,”said Rutayisire.
Rutayisire said this system will change the teaching methods turn them into more interactive ones to ensure sharing of knowledge which will still help build a more competent based curricula.
“The new curricula will aim at providing education for all and here we want to see the different abilities students have plus the special needs they may have”, revealed Rutayisire.
 “If we are to get a change in the socio- economic development we need to revise the curriculum”, said the minister of state for primary and secondary education Mathias Harebamungu, who added on saying that EDPRS2 requires a clear focus and quick response from all education stakeholders.
Harebamungu said the new curriculum needs to support ecomonic development and this should be through providing learners with the right skills needed.
This new curriculum will look out not only for academically able students but all students in the country.
This conference brought in different education stakeholders,teachers, education inspectors, plus education specialists from within and outside the country.

By Agnes Bateta, Sunday, December 01st, 2013