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Sunday, December 01, 2013 

Rwanda gets new weighbridges

KIGALI, Rwanda – The Rwanda government has installed weighbridge equipment to limit overloading at Gatuna, which borders Uganda. The Rwanda Transport Development Agency is overseeing the operation.“This is a good system and we believe it will help maintain our roads since mending them is quite expensive,” said an official with ATC Rwanda, a car importing company.
He said it was going to affect the stock they have been bringing because they were not given an early warning.
Ultimately, they are not ready to adopt such a system.
This system that was agreed upon last year by the five member countries in the East African Community (EAC) was not implemented. However with different developed policies Rwanda managed to implement the system after Kenya and Uganda.
The machine has two flat plates where the truck passes and the load is gauged.
The General Manager SPEDAG Bastian Schmitz said: “We are actually blessed to have these ma chines here in Rwanda and as a clearing agent do not think it is going to have much impact on our business.”
He said the system is going to create stiff competition between transporters and clearing agents and as for our business it will charge half of what has been actually charged before.
Bastian said he did not believe it is going to affect the clientele in any way and it will still reduce on bribery that has been practiced across borders.
The transporters believe it is going to affect their business in a more negative way since the weight they will be allowed to transport will be regulated.
Bosco Sibomana a truck driver on the Congo- Rwanda border said: “We have been carrying more tonnes and earning more but now this is going to change. I would request for at least a rise in the weight needed by transporters”
This initiative will be implemented with the help from the Rwanda Revenue Authority and the Rwanda National police.
53 tonnes are the maximum weight needed for big trucks in transit and this has to be implemented on installation of the weigh bridges.
As Rwanda continues with its programme of developing infrastructure this is a very good strategy to maintaining such built infrastructure and this will help protect such infrastructure for very long time.

By Brian Coutinho, Sunday, December 01st, 2013