Dar es Salaam forwarding agents reject dollars:
News Sunday, Jan 26, 2014
DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania - Even as competition between Mombasa Port and Dar es Salaam Port intensifies, forwarders in Tanzania have rejected a directive by the container terminal management to pay in US dollars.
Tanzania starts new customs system:
News Sunday, Jan 19, 2014
DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA - Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is to introduce a new customs clearance procedure which officials say will be more efficient and cost effective than the present system. It starts on March 1st.
Rwandans assured on Single Territory:
News Sunday, Jan 19, 2014
KIGALI, Rwanda - Rwandan business people have been assured that the new Single Customs Territory (SCT) policy will bring down barriers to the free flow of goods across the region while also saving them time and money.
EAC moots grand plans for Arusha:
EAC Saturday, Jan 18, 2014
Arusha, TANZANIA - The East African Community (EAC) Secretariat intends to kick off an ambitious development plan on its 130-acre piece of land in Arusha. The land was allocated by the Tanzania government.
Tales of mobile money woes:
Resources Saturday, Jan 18, 2014
Since entering the public domain, electronic money transfer using the mobile phone platform, has almost literally lit up the airwaves.
CAA to revive Gulu runway operations:
Travel Monday, Jan 13, 2014
GULU, NORTHERN UGANDA - Uganda is to build a new airport complex in the north to stimulate growth of tourism, trade and agriculture, in an area which experienced over 20 years of insecurity due to the Kony rebel insurgency.